21st May 2011

How To Handle A Creepy Landlord

This is one of  a very few number of posts you will see here on Landlord-Success.com that is written from a tenant’s point-of-view. This post was inspired by a friend of mine (yes, landlords have friends too) who lives in Denver, Colorado.

This friend called me today to bemoan the fact that she’s, in her own words, “all jammed up” about a situation where she signed a lease and paid her deposit only to realize after the fact that her landlord and various associated employees are at the very least behaving in an unprofessional and demeaning manner while also not living up to their role as property managers.

Before she moved in, she was told that her unit would be painted, an appliance replaced and various plumbing issues would be repaired. Well, fast-forward two weeks to when the place full of boxes of her belongings, including all the headache that entails, and none of the above work was done. A call to the “property manager” was met by a person who behaved like the were doing my friend a favor by answering the phone. She was informed that she should be patient and that a maintenance person would be out to make the promised repairs.

When the maintenance person arrived, my friend was informed that he would need access to her unit off and on for about 10 days. Quite rightfully, my friend lost it. She called the landlord and told him that she could not allow various service people to access to her unit while she was not there because she did not trust these people and you’ll see why in a moment. The landlord was basically behaving in a dismissive manner, calling her “sweetie” and “honey” and telling her “not to worry.” Ya right!

The last straw was the second time the maintenance person was inside her unit painting, all the while dripping paint all over her boxes and furniture. When my friend protested, the maintenance man also treated her like she was 12 years-old and touched her inappropriately on the shoulder and stroked her arm, no doubt attempting to “soothe” her anger at the situation.

Right there and then, my friend decided that she could not put up with this kind of behavior from her landlord and decided that, deposit be damned, she would find somewhere else to rent. I seriously can’t say that I blame her for her decision but if I was in that situation, the landlord would be in court almost instantly for the deposit money with all the facts laid bare before the court.

The landlord-tenant relationship should be treated with respect and professionalism by both sides while each performs their stipulated roles. In my experience, deviation from this usually only leads to heartache.

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  1. 1 On June 6th, 2011, Kim Herbel said:

    BEST LINE: This post was inspired by a friend of mine (yes, landlords have friends too)! Love it!

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