1st April 2008

The Smell Of Eviction Is In The Air

So, I’ve been dealing with one of my tenants who a) bounced a rent check last month and, b) thinks that she can bullshit me into giving her more time to pay.Nose in the air

It seems that some people tend to live their life like they are in a different time-space continuum from the rest of us. Little does she realize that the proverbial “meter” is running in my time-space continuum and two days from now I’m going to file eviction papers on her.

I mean, why people why, let things get this far along? Between the worthless check charges, time sitting in jail and the eviction, this lady will probably never be able to pay everything.

I just don’t understand the thought process sometimes. And I know the economy is hard right now but COME ON people! Prioritize!

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