28th February 2012

New Garbage Collection Company

So, a while back in 2007 I wrote a post about how bad Waste Management, the garbage collection company, was at customer service. Well, for roughly the past 2 years, in my area we have a new company providing this service and I can’t say enough about what a pleasant experience it is.

Now, you may not think of garbage collection as a “pleasant” subject but just the way this company goes about its job is light years ahead of those other idiots. Here’s why: Read the rest of this entry »

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5th March 2008

City of Palm Bay Reclaimed Water Survey

Ok, so here’s a good one. Today I received a survey in the mail from the City of Palm Bay (Florida) asking whether I would consider paying to connect to a reclaimed water source presumably to water the grass at one of my rental properties.City of Palm Bay, Florida

To be honest, I had to laugh. First off, I don’t water the grass at ANY of my properties. Thankfully, the lawn is really just weeds but they provide a good ground covering for the beach sand that is most of Florida.

Second, the City of Palm Bay, by law, orders that if you own property, even if it’s vacant, you MUST pay for garbage collection and water/sewer base charges.
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30th August 2007

County Property Appraisers On Crack In Florida?

So, during the run-up to the supposed housing bubble, the local property taxing authorities have been totally taking advantage of rising property prices by jacking up the assessed property values and thereby collecting more money. Somewhat evil, but hey, it’s the government we’re talking about.

Crack PipeActually what’s even more evil is that the county governments are threatening to raise the millage rate (thereby increasing the percentage of tax they collect) if the Florida state legislature passes a law forcing them to reduce property taxes due to screaming homeowners (see below), but I digress. Read the rest of this entry »

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16th August 2007

Landlords As Government Enforcers?

So, today I ran across an interesting article onGeorge Orwell's 1984 Digg.com about how in one Chinese city the government will be installing some 20,000 cameras on the streets linked by a computer system programmed to recognize faces of “police suspects” and all supplied by a US company, no less. From the article:

Data on the chip will include not just the citizen’s name and address but also work history, educational background, religion, ethnicity, police record, medical insurance status and landlord’s phone number. Read the rest of this entry »

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3rd October 2006

Code Enforcement

Code EnforcementSo, last Friday I got a lovely certified letter in the mail from the code enforcement department where one of our properties is located. Here are my favorite things about this situation.

1) The notice DOES NOT tell you what the problem is, just that there is a violation with an extremely brief specific description (i.e.- To Wit: Grey commercial vehicle in residential area.) How about a better description and a copy of the city ordinance? They probably just like to get phone calls inquiring what the problem is. Duh! Efficiency in city government? Hello?

2) When you DO call the code enforcement officer to find out what the problem is, he sounds like he’s ready for a fight. Very gruff and short so you have to sweeten him up by being extra polite.

3) In my opinion, if you’re going to pass a city ordinance, ENFORCE IT and do it CITY WIDE!! But no, they wait until somebody complains ( like a neighbor) to then take action. Upon informing the code enforcement officer that that vehicle had been parked there for about a year, he tells me “Well then it’s been in violation for a year.” WTF?!

In my opinion, it’s the owner of the house directly next door. He’s trying to sell it because he’s basically flipping it and probably needs to sell it right away as the housing market continues to tank. Granted, he bought it when there were some strange deadbeat tenants living there. Case in point, they were using a portable commode as a planter…..IN THE FRONT YARD! Did I call code enforcement when I was trying to rent my newly fixed-up place? No. Whatever, my tenant will move his truck and the sale next door will only increase my property value. Thanks! Next!

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