27th September 2011

New Post on Allstate’s Good Hands℠ Community

Here’s another one of ourAllstate Good Hands Community posts written for Allstate’s Good Hands℠ Community on how to cover yourself and save expenses between tenants.  The title is How To Minimize Costs and Time To Market Between Tenants. The post is about what steps to take to be sure that your turnaround time between tenants is fast and efficient. Remember, if your rentals are mortgaged, the goal is to have your tenants to pay the mortgage, not you the landlord. Thanks again to Allstate for this opportunity to contribute to their excellent Good Hands℠ Community.

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9th August 2011

Check Us Out at Allstate’s Good Hands Community

A whileAllstate Good Hands Community back Allstate Insurance approached us to do some writing for them on the blog attached to their Good Hands℠ Community forums. We are truly honored and excited to be able to share our knowledge with their users on the subject of personal finance and being a landlord in general. You can check out their community here and read our first post entitled “How to Find and Keep Good Tenants.”

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26th July 2011

Landlord-Success.com Is 5 Today

So, Landlord-Success.com is five years-old today. I would like to say thanks to all the readers of this blog, even the disgruntled ones. You know, the ones who feel the need to post ranting comments with bad spelling and atrocious grammar? Oh that’s right. I don’t publish those comments as I like to maintain some semblance of a good user experience here.

I would also like to thank the mortgage companies who, because of their bad behavior and mistreatment of their clients, make for oodles of content and occasionally a firestorm of comments. I swear, you couldn’t manufacture worse stories and by the way, the mortgage companies standard response is, “Well, you signed a contract…” Those responses DO get published here. They’ve threatened us, sent “cease and desist” emails to us and yet…….we’re 5 years-old today!

We intend to be around for at least 5 more years so please, keep reading. As long as mortgage companies and tenants misbehave, you’ll see it here. You should also see stories about good behavior too but the bad behavior is more fun to read because chances are we’ve all experienced it.

Thanks again for reading!

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28th April 2011

Now Available On Your Mobile Phone

Recently, while studying the traffic statistics for Landlord-Success.com,The Android Robot I noticed that about 5% of the traffic comes from mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods and devices running Android. While 5% of the traffic is not a whole lot of people, I personally find it ultra-convenient to read news and blogs on my phone when some other nonsensical activity is wasting my time. Read the rest of this entry »

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26th July 2010

Landlord-Success.com is 4 Today

Well, it’s birthday time again for Landlord-Success.com and I’m very pleased that we are quite well read and have a good following. It seems that I’m not the only person who has the occasional problem tenant and property maintenance nightmare.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and more importantly the people who leave comments. They are what make this blog a vibrant and interesting community. I try to create readable content but the real experiences come from the readers who leave comments.

I was also thinking that a contest of some sort is in order for an occasion such as this.  I welcome your comments and suggestions about this. As far as prizes go, would you like to see the latest unnecessary gadget given away? Or maybe some kind of monetary award? Let me know and I’ll see what I can conjure up.

Thanks again everyone for reading Landlord-Success.com!

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