5th March 2008

City of Palm Bay Reclaimed Water Survey

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Ok, so here’s a good one. Today I received a survey in the mail from the City of Palm Bay (Florida) asking whether I would consider paying to connect to a reclaimed water source presumably to water the grass at one of my rental properties.City of Palm Bay, Florida

To be honest, I had to laugh. First off, I don’t water the grass at ANY of my properties. Thankfully, the lawn is really just weeds but they provide a good ground covering for the beach sand that is most of Florida.

Second, the City of Palm Bay, by law, orders that if you own property, even if it’s vacant, you MUST pay for garbage collection and water/sewer base charges.

NOW, they want to make something else mandatory and charge you to connect to the system.


In the broader scheme of things, I feel that using reclaimed water is a good thing for the environment but to make it something else to bill residents for? No!

In my opinion, the city of Palm Bay should start using reclaimed water for things like watering the city parks and baseball fields. I’m sure that would save them (and us) a bundle. Or better yet, make the reclaimed water potable and feed it back into the water system thereby reducing the water bills for city residents and businesses.

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