9th March 2007

Why Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sucks

One of our properties is mortgaged with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Now, I should mention that there is nothing special about this loan. It’s not an ARM or a second mortgage or even sub-prime, it’s just an investment property.

From day one, every time I have had occasion to call into their customer support department, I am treated like a total degenerate. For some reason, Wells Fargo must consider my loan “less than desirable” and I have no idea why. It’s a normal 30-year fixed totally run-of-the-mill loan.

When I first call in, their phone system front-end asks for the loan number which is normal. What is abnormal is that I automatically get routed to the collections department. Bear in mind that I have NEVER made a late payment in the two years I have had this loan. Next, I am greeted with the disclaimer from the rep that “this is an attempt to collect on a debt and any information gleaned from this call will be used for that purpose” or words to that effect, which automatically raises my hackles.

When I inquire as to why I am speaking with the collections department, they don’t seem to know but continue with the following line of questioning:

They want to know why my payment is running late this month. Now, keep in mind, like most mortgages, the payment is due on the first of the month and considered late on the 16th. I mail my payment on the 9th so that it gets where it’s going at most by the 14th. So basically, IT’S NOT LATE.

Then they ask me where I get the money to pay this loan. (WTF?) They want to know if it’s income from a job or investments or taxes. (again WTF!?) What does that have to do with anything? Their ONLY concern should be is that the payment is made and and made on-time. Which it ALWAYS is.

This is something like the 3rd “run in” I’ve had with these people and Wells Fargo persists with this policy. And, of course, when I get a little heated with the rep and make them look up my payment history to show them that I have never so much as paid late, they go into “collections rep” mode and basically stop listening. They can’t even defend their own company’s idiotic policy of hassling their customers.

WTF Wells Fargo? Do you treat all your mortgage customers like this, or is it just me?

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  1. 1 On March 9th, 2007, Shawn said:

    I have these guys for one of my San Antonio houses and yes they suck. Your right, when I call in they give the third degree and I feel like a smuck. Plus to pay online costs $10 each time!! What a scam.

  2. 2 On March 9th, 2007, TheLandlord said:

    The funny thing about the $10 to pay online is that it’s actually cheaper and faster for a bank to process a transaction online versus a paper check that is mailed in.

    These idiots along with Countrywide Mortgage actually make it LESS convenient for customers to submit payment via the internet.

  3. 3 On March 12th, 2007, Clifford said:

    My experience with Wells Fargo has been the exact opposite. But then again, their office is right around the corner from me. I like face time, as oppose to phone menus which I always hate. Plus I also choose the wrong option and get routed to the laundry department.

    Anyway it’s a bummer that your experience has been negative.

  4. 4 On March 12th, 2007, TheLandlord said:

    Hi Cliff,
    Interestingly enough is the fact the I too have spoken with a local Wells Fargo broker and they were nothing but nice. But then again, the local broker is actually doing sales so they would have to be nice.

    I guess it’s their customer service that is sorely lacking.

  5. 5 On March 12th, 2007, Katie said:

    We do all of our rental property banking through Wells Fargo… wish I could say my experience with this company has been more pleasant.

  6. 6 On March 12th, 2007, TheLandlord said:

    Please elaborate. I’m curious to know how their banking services compare to their other services.

  7. 7 On March 17th, 2007, Collector said:

    Have you not been reading the news? Mortgage delinquencies are at an ALL TIME HIGH and you wonder why they send you to the collection department when calling in AFTER your due date. No one can forecast when you have made your LAST payment on your loan so they will do everything possible to solve a potential problem. Grace periods were not created by the lenders, they were invented by regulators that felt “occassional” issues could arise that caused a payment to come in slightly late (IE- hurricane, ice storm, etc). Pay on time or deal with the “hassle”, it is YOUR choice.

  8. 8 On March 17th, 2007, TheLandlord said:

    Dear Bret Henderson (aka Collector),
    Wells Fargo had taken this aggressive stance since BEFORE there was any news of widespread mortgage delinquencies and you mortgage brokers were riding “high-on-the-hog” writing mortgages willy-nilly all over the place.

    Also, did you even read the post? The payment is not late until the 16th therefore if I call in before that, it does not warrant being transferred to collections.

    And another thing, when you make biased posts to blogs, be sure and mention that you work for Wells Fargo because it’s really hard to hide on the internet.

  9. 9 On March 17th, 2007, Christopher Smith said:

    I’ve financed properties through Wells Fargo and it always went fine. But the problem with these mega-companies is that quality control is sometimes spotty. If some clerk erroneously put the wrong note in one of your records somewhere then they never seem to get it figured out – that might have been what happened with you. My advice: keep complaining. Posting a blog about it is a great step. Pretty empowering, eh?

    I had an issue with USAA that I wrote about recently about one of their investor-unfriendly policies. I love USAA, but when they enact policies/fees that alienate their customer base then we need to squawk.

  10. 10 On March 17th, 2007, TheLandlord said:


    I fully agree. I actually have been contacted by a Wells Fargo “reputation management” person and they are attempting to “resolve” the situation.

    My thought is that an aircraft carrier can’t turn on a dime so it’ll be interesting to see if they change their policies or not. There definitely WILL be a follow-up post on this subject.

    Check out the comment above from somebody named “Collector” who obviously works for Wells Fargo. I’ll let the people I’m dealing with at Wells Fargo know that this guy is definitely not helping their image at all.

    Thanks for your comment.

  11. 11 On March 29th, 2007, The Successful Landlord Blog » Blog Archive » “Pirates” applying for tenancy said:

    […] Ok, so this is just a quick amusing story before I rip Wells Fargo a new one in my next post, so stay tuned. […]

  12. 12 On April 30th, 2007, Patrick Saylor said:

    Bam, you burned Bret Henderson from Wells Fargo. I use BOA and the last day they will use for debiting my account is the 10th of the month. Does Wells Fargo do an automatic debit? Is the extra three to days of money in the bank worth writing check and using stamps or does Wells Fargo charge to debit your account vs you paying online? I use BOA automatic bill pay to send money to CITI for one house and CAPFED debits my BOA account for another. Bottom line: Use your blog to shame Wells Fargo into the internet age and don’t use them again until they do.


  13. 13 On April 30th, 2007, TheLandlord said:

    Pat, thanks for the comment.

    As a rule I don’t do automatic debit for anything. I need to look at everything anyway before I pay it and if I NEED to be late for some reason, I’d rather pay the mortgage company’s late fee than pay all the bounced check charges an automatic debit might cause.

    Wells Fargo does not charge extra for automatic debit to my knowledge but sometimes I need the extra time because, for instance, tenants don’t always pay on-time (under statement).

  14. 14 On May 29th, 2007, robert breitigan said:

    I would just like to voice my opinion about another mortgage company. That is Chase Home Mortgage. They are a branch of J.P. Morgan / Chase Bank. After I was called repeatedly by their loan officer ( Jason Leoanard) I decided to give them a chance. This was the biggest mistake I have ever made. After two-months of being told everything was approved and fine, I recieved a call from a Vice-President( Chris Trimble ) telling me they would only do a loan at 5% more down and $400.00 more in monthly payments. This would be an interest only loan, not the 30yr. fixed rate I was promised. If there was ever a case for “predatorial lending”, then this has got to be the best! If anyone would like to get in on the class action lawsuit that is about to begin, let me know.

  15. 15 On May 30th, 2007, Bruce said:

    Thanks for your input. Chase Home Mortgage sounds like they use bait-and-switch as a business practice. My guess is that you were dealing directly with them as opposed to a mortgage broker.

    A good mortgage broker can be worth her weight in gold! I work with one here who has pulled off a loan with 1 week to go before closing because another mortgage broker/bank screwed up the financing.

    Because of this lady, I have never lost a contract due to financing issues.

  16. 16 On June 13th, 2007, Erin said:

    I also have had a terrible time with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. My husband lost a job yet we still made it a priority to pay our mortgage on time. I knew we were going to fall behind, and as they always say….”call your mortgage company,,,, they want to work with you.” Every other time I called I would get some one who would speak to me as if I were an idiot. I asked a simple question of “Is there any other document I need to fax? Could you please double check?” The answer was ” I dont know why you are getting so upset with me. You should pay your bills on time.” After I hung up the phone I burst into tears…. and then I got pissed. Just because a person gets into a bad situation does NOT mean they are a bad person and deserve to be treated like crap. I want to work with them….. if all of these people werent working with them wouldnt THEY be out of a job?

  17. 17 On June 13th, 2007, Bruce said:

    I completely understand where you are coming from. My very first call to Wells Fargo was to ask why I had received a statement or coupon book so that I could make my first payment.

    I was told in a very condescending manner, that I had signed an agreement to pay back the loan and therefore I must make payments on the loan.

    Well DUH. I think I understand the concept seeing that I had bought three properties that year and they all have mortgages on them.

    On another note, it’s very interesting to me that this blog post has generated more comments than any other on this blog. I think that if this keeps up, I may have to start a forum so that people can discuss their ill feelings toward Wells Fargo.

  18. 18 On June 15th, 2007, J garner said:

    I’ve liked Wells Fargo for some time. However if my recent experiences with Wells Fargo Home Loans is an indicator of things to come I’d think twice taking out a loan here. First I think the bank branches are good and appear well managed. There really is an encouragement for you to use their loan departments and other investment services. Truly a enterprising idea to capture the customers assets in one bank rather than having the costumer use a mortgage broker or other services.. I don’t know if Wells Fargo Home Loans are outsourced because its hard to believe Wells Fargo employees could make such a mess. I’m truly an excellent Wells Fargo customer. I have 4 different accounts with them from Business checking to other lines. Have an excellent FICA score. So when using Wells Fargo I assumed no problems. Wrong ! The loan sat on the reps desk for 3 weeks with multiple excuses why it hadn’t moved on to underwriters. When nearing the date for closing Wells Fargo doesn’t have it ready. The big problems with Wells Fargo is a disconnection with its customer base. When making a complaint to their Executive Center your told you can only go up as far up to a regional loan manager. Truth and lending statements have the wrong address, wrong amounts, wrong interest rates. In Washington state this department is one of the worst I’ve encountered in my business experience. A medium to high income customer base has made Wells Fargo the place to do banking but once customers start leaving in droves-oh well. Joanne in Seattle.

  19. 19 On June 16th, 2007, Bruce said:


    Wow. Thats pretty bad. I honestly don’t understand why such a large bank would treat its customers in this way. But then again, Bank of America did it. It`s actually an interesting story.

    For a number of years I had at least two credit cards with Bank of America with pretty high balances. I was paying on time but any time I called into customer service I was treated like a child.

    When I pulled up at the drive-thru window to do some banking, I was actually yelled at by the teller. When I went into the branch and asked for some blank deposit slips (yes, slips of paper so that I could DEPOSIT money with) I was told that they don’t “do that.”

    Then, some time after that I sold a property I owned and netted about $175K and deposited it in my Bank of America checking account.

    Well, I started to receive calls from someone at a local Bank of America branch to let me know that Bank of America (get this) “values me as a customer” and that they can help me invest the $175K I just deposited. Bastards!

    Long story short, I paid off the credit cards and closed the accounts. I also closed 3 checking accounts and vowed to never do business with Bank of America again. I mean, WTF?!

  20. 20 On June 26th, 2007, james said:

    Tax base assessment went up on my house. So, needed an increase in flood insurance, -I’m in a “flood zone”- a complete joke. WITHOUT notifying me, Wells Fargo purchased flood insurance “on my behalf”. When I protested I HAD insurance, and could increase coverage as needed, they STILL charged me for the time period before I was notified. Claimed they notified me. Bull. Will NEVER deal with those assholes again- EVER!

  21. 21 On July 15th, 2007, Joseph said:

    I’m in the process of refinancing with a local mortgage company.
    I originally financed with American Home Mortgage and they sold the mortgage to Wells Fargo before it was time to make my second payment.
    I did not pick them. They picked me. After reading many of the posts here, many of the situations sound familiar. Purchasing insurance on behalf of the buyer is a trick most all mortgage companies play. I have dealt with many mortgage companies and I’m firmly convinced they are ALL crooked. Some are worse than others. Closing costs are one of the biggest rip offs of all times. They have a fee for everything, probably a fee for sharpening their pencils. It’s not bad enough that the interest paid over the life of the loan is double the cost of the property, we have to pay them a loan origination fee for the privilege of borrowing the money and paying them interest. I still don’t know what mortgage insurance is, other than a big ripoff. It does NOT pay off the loan in the event of death of the buyer. Apprasials are another racket. My home was just appraised a year ago, but that’s not good enough. I usually like to get kissed when I get screwed, but they’ve got you over a barrel. What do you do? I wish I knew.

  22. 22 On July 18th, 2007, MONICA said:

    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage should be avoided by all people seeking a loan to buy a house. I was just informed today that although I know I mailed in my payment on July 5th or 6th, the company claims it received and posted the payment to my account on July 17th. As a result, I will have to pay late fees. There is no way they just received payment on the 17th. I’m probably not the only person this has happened to.

  23. 23 On July 19th, 2007, Bruce said:

    I’m actually waiting for the same thing to happen to me. Every month, like clockwork, I mail my payment on the 9th. If the 9th falls on a weekend of holiday, it gets mailed before.

    Do you know, I get pestered by their collections department, weekdays & weekends alike and at all hours of the day, until the payment shows up in their system.

    I have given up even talking to them because the collections agents don’t care. They’ve done their jobs just making the call and getting me on the phone.

    Stay tuned for a post soon about HOW TO AVOID WELLS FARGO COLLECTIONS. Bastards.

  24. 24 On July 19th, 2007, How To Avoid Wells Fargo Collections Dept Via Phone said:

    […] bad customer service along with mortgage financing. You can read more about their bad behavior in this post and this post. After I wrote the first post, I was contacted by Wells Fargo corporate as detailed […]

  25. 25 On August 10th, 2007, Rick James said:

    I too am more than pissed with the level of service I have received from Well Fargo. They are rude, have no sense of customer service, and knowledge. Not only do I get the nagging calls for collection when nothing is late, but every time I call with a question i get the run around. Just recently I called (15 times within 3 days) with an Issue regarding them paying my neighbors property tax with my escrow and not paying mine. And not only did they pay the wrong taxes, but my taxes went in collections with the county. So when I called the yahoos, they stated, “Oh we do that all the time, we have department that handles just these types of goof ups”. WTF? Within all this now my Escrow is all jacked up. Wells Fargo is a JOKE! And I can not wait to move my mortgage to another company. WELLS FARGO SUCKS….

  26. 26 On August 10th, 2007, Bruce said:

    Wow Rick,

    That’s a pretty bad one. They just seem really incompetent. I will agree that they have absolutely no sense of what customer service is.

    It’s amazing. The comments on this post just won’t let it die!

    Wake up Wells Fargo!!

  27. 27 On August 12th, 2007, Byron said:

    Wow! My loan was bought by Wells Fargo in Nov. of 06 from Washington Mutual. It is a nightmare. I have been threatened with foreclosure repeatedly. Right now they are treating foreclosure in Sep 07. My income went from 40k to 20k and it has been hard. But I was just one month behind. They say they can take my home because I promised to pay on time. I got a loan to pay up the one month and I will be paying again next week. I will be caoght up then. But I then have to pay Sept. before the 16th. It is keeping me up all night. It is 1:21 Am now. I have been in my home over 10 years and they have been trying to take it since day one of having my loan. I am glad to know that others are having the same problems with the service dept. Now I know not to get so upset. But can they take my home for being late? And they have been charging me $15 a month extra because they are sending someone out to my home to inspect it. But They never knock on my door. It is a Nightmare I tell you.

  28. 28 On August 20th, 2007, SGustafsson said:

    Wells Fargo is horrible. We fell behind on our payments, not purposely, due to change in jobs. First of all our loan was bought out by Wells Fargo in December 2006 we were previously with Washington Mutual. We try to workout a payment plan but it is completely unreasonable. They constant threaten foreclosure, when I call the customer service reps they say I don’t have permission to handle the account. I finally got to a manager and the manager stated that I have always had permission to talk about the account I just have to tell the reps where to look for the proper information, tell them to look under the notes screen. I was like, WTF? These reps are not properly trained, not only do I have to get harassing calls and treated like crap but I have to tell the customer service rep where to look on her computer screen!! How stupid. Not to mention the ones that call cannot pronounce my name or my husband’s name. Not only are they computer ignorant but they are illiterate. We have tried to work out a payment plan, but this is how it went…make a payment on August 30th in the amount of $1900 and if you don’t make another payment on September 1st in the amount of $1901.54 you will break the terms of this repayment plan. What the heck, what kind of repayment plan would call for a person to make $3800 worth of payment in 2 to 3 days…it is ridiculous. They sent out a letter with other options but refuse to give us thoses options. Not to mention ever since they bought our loan every month they send us a letter wanting to know if we are living in the home, well duh! They want to know if we are going to keep it, you fall behind and they treat you like a criminal, we are not even months behind. Not to mention they keep adding in fees. We would send payments from our bank and they would say they never received them and add on additional late fees, which was a lie because on the statements it showed the payment received. They suggested we don’t send in our payments any more via our bank, why…because its free. They, Wells Fargo suggested that all payments be made by phone yeah right and charge $15 more. Now they say they will continue to add in an additional late fee for it being paid through our bank instead of doing it by phone. Then they stated our house payment is going to go up in 2008 so they want to increase the amount we are putting into escrow…we are going broke trying to keep up. All I can say is wells fargo doesn’t care about its clients. You pay on time your a criminal, you fall behind and call them to let them know about a delay in payment and they treat you like you have the plague. I’ve just learned, i hang up on anybody that sounds like they have attitude and keep hanging up on them until i get to someone that has some sense. When I finally got to a customer service rep that was nice, she apologized to me and even agreed that the majority of the reps don’t know what they are doing, can’t read above 5th grade level, and can’t use the system properly. Now it is shameful when a few of Wells Fargo employees disagree with how they handle their homeowner mortgage accounts. Even worse, they had me fax in information and they never received it, the rep said, “i don’t know where that fax goes too but heres another number” i faxed it again, called in a week later, another rep says, “that fax number goes to another office, here is the right number to use.” i try to fax to it and it doesn’t work! I call again, get to a manager and was told all the numbers were incorrect, i was suppose to fax to a certain department and address it with specific information to get it to the right place; so i did it and they finally got the right info via fax. In conclusion, they are all around incompetent.

  29. 29 On August 20th, 2007, Bruce said:

    THAT story is truly ridiculous! I honestly don’t understand how a company can behave this way and still be in business. All I can think is that because of their sheer size, they can treat people in this way.

    At one point, I was applying to Countrywide for a loan which was supposed to be a “no application” loan.

    This means that I already had a mortgage with them, they already had all my credit info, an established payment history and I was exchanging one loan for another.

    Well, the sales rep acted like he was doing me a favor by taking my application. One time he called and spoke to my wife and basically verbally abused her. When I got on the phone he completely changed his tune.

    This was totally unnecessary.

  30. 30 On September 4th, 2007, ERIC said:


  31. 31 On September 10th, 2007, Bruce said:

    That is truly an amazing story. I’m just waiting for the class-action lawsuit against them. The only problem with that kind of lawsuit is that the lawyers make out like bandits and the class members get a crumb.

    Anyway, I have a feeling they will get theirs in time.

  32. 32 On September 29th, 2007, Luly said:

    My mortgage loan got recently transferred to Wells Fargo, it was being serviced by Washington Mutual for over 5 years. Never had a problem with WM, but as soon as Wells Fargo got a hold of that loan, it’s been a nightmare after another. They plain and simple SUCK. I had them for a car loan as well, and that’s when I found out how much they sucked. Every time you get a different rep on the phone you get a totally different story, and then the only thing that the another rep says to defend their actions is “well, the rep you must have gotten before didn’t know what they were saying.” What kind of crap is that? This is a total nightmare and I am so frustrated with them I have no idea what to do any more. They should not be in business and the thing is I didn’t give them the business both my car loan and my mortgage loand got sold to them. I didn’t choose them, we have no rights to choose what lender we want any more. They do what they want, when they want.

    The last issue I had with them, I got no where so I had to get an attorney that cost me $1600 to take care of the problem. Finally I was able to clear it off, but without that attorney they would have done what they wanted, and they would have taken away my home for no reason, just because their records were so screwed up and people there obviously do not know what they are doing at all. What retards and morons they have working there! I am sick of them and I wish that by some miracle they would go bankrupt and have to close their business! I’m sorry for the few people that work for them that are good at what they do but I have been dealing with them between the car and the house now for over 6 years…never ever have I gotten anyone on the phone that knows what the hell they are doing!

    They have a a million things that single them out as the worst lender out there:

    1. They don’t keep accurate records
    2. Reps don’t know what the hell they are doing
    3. You get cut off millions of times before you actually get to speak with someone (their phone services sucks)
    4. They are rude
    Only to name a few….

    I have had other lenders such as Washington Mutual servicing my loan and they were AWESOME…always very pleasant and helpful…I really enjoyed having them.

  33. 33 On October 10th, 2007, Cresso said:

    I have had several Wells accounts and loans over the years – always working with one branch that was nationally recognized as one of the top Wells home mortgage performers. In April 2007 I began the process of looking into a refi – returning to the branch I had done business with previously, but grew gunshy when after a face to face meeting – it became clear that this nationally recognized branch manager was attempting to shove me into a loan that wasn’t right for my needs. Her sales pitch was that ‘equity is dead money’ (!!!!!) and that you should borrow the max. Absolute nonsense. In addition the rates she was quoting were significantly higher than similar products offered by other primary lenders/underwriters (not brokers or non banking mortgage companies mind you). So I inquired about rates at another Wells Home Mortgage branch in my area and was quoted .25% less than what the initial branch had quoted – across the board for all loan types. After discussions I decided to go ahead with a refi of my first with a small cash out (still

  34. 34 On October 10th, 2007, Chad said:

    I guess it’s just going to happen with a large company like Wells Fargo (The largest retail lender in the US) that a small portion of their clients are not satisfied. All large companies have a small contingency that isn’t happy. To be fair, Wells Fargo is the top ranked mortgage company for customer service year in and year out. They are the only AAA rated bank in the United States. A company like this wouldn’t continue to be the largest retail lender for 14 straight years if they weren’t satisfying their clients. They were founded in 1852. I certainly don’t think they’d be in business 155 years later if they weren’t doing things right. I’m sorry to hear about the experiences on this site.

  35. 35 On October 10th, 2007, TheLandlord said:

    Well well, another Wells Fargo Home Mortgage employee. It’s interesting to see the response to this blog post when it ranks #3 in Google for the phrase “Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sucks.”

    Chad, I think that there is something to be said for the fact that I own a number of rental properties all with mortgages from different mortgage companies and Wells Fargo is the only one to stand out in this way.

    It is true that any larger company will have its detractors but I think that Wells Fargo’s mortgage servicing operation takes the cake. Maybe it’s the leadership of that division to blame? I don’t know, but the horror stories keep coming. Just take a look at how long ago the original blog post was written.

  36. 36 On October 18th, 2007, Daniel said:

    Washington Mutual sold our home loan to Wells Fargo last year. No problems with WM, but Wells Fargo really does suck. Due to a medical problem and a high one month expense we got 42 days behind on our loan. They sent an inspector to our house to see if it was lived in. He rang the doorbell and in a very nasty tone told us he was a “field inspector” with Wells Fargo. I asked why he was here, he said to make sure the home was lived in. OK, I answer the door so the house must be occupied. I have a no trespassing sign on our front lawn. I asked if he saw that. He said that does not apply to Wells Fargo, that they can inspect the house whenever they want. Wells Fargo really sucks. I called the 800 number and they said I must pay $15.00 for the inspection. I wish I still had Washington Mutual servicing my loan.

  37. 37 On November 16th, 2007, Jenn said:

    Our family is in a living nightmare with WF. Our home loan was sold to WF 2 months after we bought our home. Just a few months after that we found out we were being moved out of state. Immediately the house went on the market, to our dissmay the house finished building right as the market began to drop in FL. We were told we would be “lucky” to get what we had paid for our home. Six months after we bought the home we moved. Before we ever moved I called WF and informed them we were moving and we were having trouble selling the home. I was told “we can’t help you until you fall behind.” We struggled for 6 months to live in 2 states. Our income in the new area was lower, but so was the cost of living. We cashed in our 401K’s trying to keep up with rent and a mortgage. After about 7 months we had to let the mortgage go. At this point the house was not even appraising for what we owed. I warned WF 6 months before we ever missed a payment that we needed some help. We have not made a payment since June 07. We applied for a deed in lieu and it was denied because we had a new realtor (they require you be witht he same realtor for 90 days before you will qulaify for deed in lieu). They told us to go for a short sale so we dropped the price. In August they sent a “property preservation” team to “secure” our home…the amn they sent broke into 3 doors to get into our home, setting off our alarm and causing approx $3,000 worth of damage. When police responded to the alarm the man showed them a paper on WF letter head that said the house had been foreclosed and now belonged to WF. We were upset yet glad to be done with it. Only problem was, we weren’t done. In fact, WF holds us responsible and then informed us we are not in Foreclosure. This intrusion upset my husband to no end and in Sept he gave up a great job and we headed back to FL to “save” our home. I had to borrow money from my terminally ill Dad to apply for a loan modification. After 3 weeks in Fl we realized the economy is really bad in the area we once lived and my husband was not making any money, so we decided to get back out of FL, luckily they had not filled his spot and took him right back. We notified WF it was not going to work out and we wanted to persue deed in lieu again. They had promised to return the money for the loan modification ($2600) but I have seen nothing yet and the money was never applied to the loan. They say it is sitting in “suspense”. A week after we left Fl for the 2nd time we received an offer on our home. We applied for the short sale. After weeks of telling us nothing, they call and say they did a drive by appraisal and appraised the house for $23,000 over the offer. They stated they would take no less than the appraisal so our buyer walked. Our appraisal was only $5000 over the offer. I begged them to take the offer, after all we have private mortgage insurance…they said no. So now we ahve to reapply for the deed inlieu. In the mean time they also sent a letter to our insurance co to cancel our premium and return the money to WF. Then they tell us to get insurance or they will get it for us. They have added on so many “fees” that we now owe more than we even paid for the house! The pay off is now $295,000 and it appraised at $242,000!!!! They are crazy! And to boot, we thought at least it would be over soon, after all we have made no payments since June, right? WRONG!!! We still haven’t even entered foreclosure! And the investor from WF told me on the phone tonight, “well at least you still have time to sell it” It’s been for sale for over a year! It’s not going to sell at their price. I want it to foreclose. The sooner it forecloses the sooner we move on with our lives. I hate that my credit is ruined, but I have a daughter with medical needs. Her health has been horrible this year because she requires a semi-sterile enviroment. My son was diagnosed with the same problem last month. He has lived in a sterile home his entire life because of his sister, that is why the doctor thinks he is just now showing symptoms. Owning a home for us is not a financial thing, it’s a medical necessity. We can’t afford to invest that kind of money in a rental. I have explained this to WF and all they say is “it will get better.” When? The more non-payments that show up on my credit the longer it will take before I can buy a home. My daughter may not have 4 years to wait for my credit to repair. The bottom line is WF doesn’t give a darn and they have no clue what they are doing or why. If we had fallen on hard times and wanted to keep the home they would have already booted us out and foreclosed. Now that we need to get rid of it, they wont do anything. I think they are enjoying destroying our family. Does anyone know if there are any class action law suits in the works? My realtor is persuading me to go after them…

  38. 38 On November 17th, 2007, Seth said:

    That is my EXACT experience with WFHM!!!!!!

    Except, I mail my payment on the 1st, and then they call me a few days later and leave a message that says “thhsss iss welllssssss fsfsss ffsssssssssss ffffffffffffffff sssss ffff” and continues with about 30 seconds of loud, clipped static. EVERY TIME. FOR MONTHS. I tell them it’s messed up every time, but no one cares. I call them and get directed to the collections department. They ask me all sorts of rude questions, and I ask them why they are asking me this. I ask them if they got my payment, they look it up, and usually say that they have, to which I ask why the are harassing me with unintelligible voicemail and sending me to collections, so which they ramble about company policy.

    I finally switched my payment to electronic and send them early so they would stop terrorizing me with threatening static. I guess that’s their plan? Get people to pay early and apply it later and skim the interest?

    Anyway, they also spammed me for months, kept switching my loan from paper to email, and were generally a pain in my ass. My favorite was when they sent me paperwork asking me to pay them $250 for the ability to pay them extra towards my mortgage. Apparently they think I shouldn’t be allowed to just go and pay off my loan or pay it down without first paying them more.

  39. 39 On November 19th, 2007, kevin said:

    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has been a dissappointing experience for me also. I am not sure what happenend or changed in the last 5-10 years, but suddebly the became A-holes… they documentation process as well as their reps have major issues. Regardless of what proff you send them.. they decide that what they have is “correct.” I was doing a refi with them.. which got delayed for 6 months because they told me I had a Lein on my house I needed to clear up… I called my lwyer.. he said no lein has ever been recorded on your house .. ask for the “docket” info .. Wellsfargo refused until I had claw my way up to someone in middle management who eventually gave it me… only to find out…it wasn’t me nor my did it refer to my property…”oops” what the response I got from them…and then they went on to explain that they use ” third-party” title search compnay and that the company… they offered no appologies and proceed to tell me thy have to re-run credit because the “app” and its approval is too old… the then renran and incresed the interest rate.. citing issue in the news regarding bad home loan deals…

  40. 40 On November 30th, 2007, natha anderson said:

    i have been banking at wells fargo for 3 yrs and they messed me over on my first bank acount i had with 30 over braft fees that added up to $800.00 and i they gave me a regauler acount that i opened and now the new acount they gave me 15 over draft fees that added up to $500.00 and the first account with the $800.0 over i put a freeze on it becuase the were letting more stuff go throw it and i was caping on it and the sent it to colections and than the charged it off when o was trying to pay it off now it is on my credit report ass a charge off and it all was there damb over draft frees and now they are trying to do it to my new acount. i had $200.00 in there and than i went to get something to eat and my card did not work and i called they and they said i was $120.00 under after every thang pending and after 5 days later the acount said $499.00 under and i have not used the acount at all than 5 more days go by and my wife gets her work check direct deposeted in to pay they rent that is $698.00 and the bank says that we are $29.00 under that is bull shit. i have had nothing but problems with wells fargo. and i am a computer tech and i put there new computers in for them in phoneix az. and a lady took off $100.00 of my first acount as a one time good faith thang she said and they will not do that to my new acount that is bull crap!!!!

  41. 41 On December 2nd, 2007, Can't take it anymore said:

    RBC mortgage financed our newly built home in January of 2005, before we made one payment wells fargo bought our loan. They sent us our payment information and for over a year I made every payment on time. Then the letter came. You owe us 7,000 dollars. WHAT???? Long story short, RBC put a provision in our loan that set us up to not take a hit on unimproved property taxes at the end of the year – wells fargo took it out. I had asked them at the origination of our loan why the payment was lower than what RBC had arranged at closing? WF said “They made a mistake, we fixed it.” I owed them 5,000 dollars plus the “required balance of my escrow acount” My monthly payment went up over 500 dollars a month, I’m still not out, it is seriously straining me financially.

    It just doens’t seem right that they screwed up and I am responsible for it. Can I do anything beside be angry and hate them.


  42. 42 On December 31st, 2007, Bruce Berry said:

    To Jenn
    Please contact a lawyer, and the police, unless there is a “COURT ORDER”
    or you signed a “Release” the Wells Fargo boys are guilty of Breaking and entering. The police may resist and say its a civil matter but it is not.
    Persist until they have you sign a complaint, but make very sure you did not sign any release or any court orders occured. The District Attorney is the final say on this issue, do not stop until you get his decision.
    Your Attorney can file civily for damages, including punitive for stress and unlawful entry.
    I am a Landlord, I would love to just throw bad tenants out into the street. But we all have to go by the rules. Wells Fargo included.

  43. 43 On December 31st, 2007, Bruce Berry said:

    Cant take it anymore:
    Unless you signed another paper after the loan was transfered to WF the
    contract/loan must remain intact to the original promise of performance.
    In short, nothing can change unless you agreed to it in the original
    contract or you signed a new agreement allowing the change.
    If you did not agree to any changes here is what to do.
    1. Continue to pay according to the original agreement.
    2. Create a nice letter explaining exactly what the original agreement is
    in direct laymen’s terms.
    3. Make copies of the letter.
    4. Mail it certified mail to Wells Fargo executive handling your loan.
    5. Save the certified receipt.

    It is well worth the $100 or so of legal time to show a Attorney
    your loan documents and verify WF has no basis, have him give his opinion in writting.

    6. Do not let the Attorney take over correspondence. As distressing as
    the situation is do not take your eyes off it.
    7. You are now a free man. If Wells Fargo takes you to Foreclosure your Attorney can sue for harassment, False litigation, etc….
    8. If Wells Fargo prevails then your Attorney was Malfeasant and can be
    sued for the damages. (This never happens on such a direct case)
    9. Save everything. Discuss your case with Realtors, bankers, lawyers(friends), businessmen, online.
    10. Time and perseverance are everything in this arena. You have the advantage that it’s about you. This is the reason Attorneys are never sued, When its personal the clock doesn’t matter. What firm wants to go against a guy willing put in hundreds of hours just to win a few bucks.

  44. 44 On January 8th, 2008, Bill Bartlett said:

    I have had precisely the same trouble with Wells Fargo – always 1 month EARLY in fact and calling them to find out why I get monthly collection letters, so much so that I contacted my state’s DA in the capital and, guess what? 1200 complaints to their office . . .

    Not good at all.

  45. 45 On January 9th, 2008, TheLandlord said:

    Wow! 1200 complaints. Amazing! You would think that something like that would “persuade” them to change their methods.

    They finally stopped that nonsense with me but only after writing this blog post and appearing on page 1 of Google’s search results (3rd one down) for the search terms “Wells Fargo home mortgage sucks

  46. 46 On January 31st, 2008, ALi said:

    I have had problems with Wells FArgo since they took over myMortgage from GE CAPITAL. Looks llike we all have basically the same problems. You send them copies of what they ask for and then they ask for something else, not related to the original problem. THey have taken me to foreclosure and I have sent them copies of all payments along with the back showing cancelled checks. Now they say it is insurance lapses that I had, and inspection fees, when no one ever knocked at my door, nor did I ever hear from them telling me that inspector was coming over, those fees are over 500.00. My attorney gets letters from their attorneys that do not even show breakdowns of fees that they are asking for. I have NEVER in my life seen such unscupulous beings i my llife. THey repeat the same thig over and over like a broken record, they love to try to give you a heart attack. I hope they pay for their mistakes….only that they think they are always right.
    They ARE BAD!!!!!

  47. 47 On February 5th, 2008, Chaz said:

    This is exactly how I’ve been treated and still am treated if I miss my 1st of the month payment due date. The customer, who by the way is paying an enormous interest charge amount after a 30 year loan, should never be treated as such. I have never missed a payment and the collection’s person (Tamika) stated there was no grace period… I nearly went through the roof – also I was called at work no less! To be sent to collections the day after my mortgage payment is due 100% wrong, I agree if it’s not there after the 16th but one day after it’s due? Come on, especially when the a-holes incorrectly applied one our mortgage payments to the wrong acct! WTF-WF! I am 100% dissatisfied and I have heard nothing but bad news about this company. They treat me as if I will default on my loan. I would never willingly due business with this sub-standard company again.

    Rockingham County, NH

  48. 48 On February 12th, 2008, I hear you said:

    I have real issues with WFM which I will go into great detail on later, however, I learned today that Wells Fargo actually receives billions of dollars a year from the federal government for various “services” (Department of Education grants WF oddles and oddles of our tax dollars every year, to name one agency) so, it looks like they are in so deep and cushy with the feds that we will never get rid of them.

  49. 49 On February 18th, 2008, Anna L. said:

    This was interesting to me because I have a mortgage with Wells Fargo, also. The fact is that payments are due on the 1st. Period. You do have a grace period, but it’s still due on the FIRST. As long as your payment is received by the 15th you are not charged a late fee. That doesn’t mean it’s due on the 15th.

  50. 50 On February 18th, 2008, TheLandlord said:

    Ok, here we go again with Wells Fargo employees making comments on this post. (See comments 7 & 8)

    Just look at the number of comments on this ONE blog post. I think it`s safe to say that Wells Fargo is pretty much hated as a mortgage company.

    Hmmmmm, I wonder why? Bad customer service & company policies? Hmmmmm.

    Also, if you`d like me publish your IP address Anna (above) to prove where you posted from, let me know.

  51. 51 On February 28th, 2008, Carlo said:

    WOW, can’t get over everything I’m reading. I’ve been banking with WF for ever. I don’t have a mortgage with them and after reading all of this I’m pretty sure I’ll never get one. I just wanted to say that although their tellers and managers in my particular branch seem OK their customer service over the phone REALLY SUCKS regardless of what kind of banking you do them. I recently saw a charge of $10 on my business account with an obscure title/name. I called WF CS to ask what the charge was for. They informed me that I had made “GET THIS” too many deposits that month and I was being charged a fee for going over my deposit limit. (WTF!!!) So I asked her “are you telling me that I am being charged a fee for putting money into your bank which you then turn around and lend out to others and charge interest on?” Her response was “ sir I’m just telling you what the charge was for, I don’t make the policies”.

  52. 52 On February 28th, 2008, bob said:

    as a recent former employee i can understand why wells is concerned about employees use of blogs

  53. 53 On March 9th, 2008, Not that Im defending wells said:

    Ok Not that I am defending Wells as there Student Loan dept ris as bad. However working in the industry, let me shed some light.

    1. Loans are due according on the first of the month according to the terms of the note you signed at closing. Also in with those “other forms” you signed the right to recive contact after the legal due date.

    2. As stated above by collector, Grace periods are not for use every monhth, they were designed by the buarocrats in Washington. Most Loan Servicing Corporations (aka Wells, Countrywide, GMAC, USAA, and others) use the same list of private and goverment Investors. Those investors include Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD, VA, Gennie Mac.

    3. Its those same govt investors that forced a graced period that also requirer loan servicers to call borrorers the day after the due date.

    4. If you want to get technical When a loan has a Due date of the 1st any day after that is concidered late. Late Charges however are not assessed untill after the grace and neg cred does not occur until the account is 30 days late.

  54. 54 On March 29th, 2008, They are crooks! said:

    We had no problems with our mortgage until WF took it over. Suddenly, they said we are “behind” over $4000 in payments although we have never paid late. They put us on a “forebearance” plan of payments $600 higher a month. We have been paying it while we try to figure out WHY we are $4000 behind, which is impossible. They say if we don’t pay this amount per month they will foreclose. They will not or cannot tell us what this extra money is for. We keep calling and they keep telling us different things and it is like they are talking Martian. It makes no sense. This has been going on for five months and we cannot afford to pay this amount every month any more. And the amount they say we are behind never goes down. They just keep saying our payments are going into a “suspension account.” We hired a lawyer who called and HE doesn’t understand what they are talking about. He instructed them to send us a statement of our payments for the past year. They agreed. Did we receive that? No. Instead we got a form letter about how they want to work with us in this “distressing situation” to save us from foreclosure!!!!!!! We CAN pay our mortgage (the original payment) but we want to know WTF is going on. I am giving this ridiculous letter to our lawyer on Monday. I think now he will believe how stupid/deceitful/dishonest these people are. Our credit is ruined and our savings are cleaned out by this “forebearance” plan that we cannot afford. We are going without medical care and groceries to pay it and our utilities are in danger of being shut off. I cannot believe how much I have come to hate this company.

  55. 55 On March 29th, 2008, Oh, one more thing said:

    Oh, I think at first our lawyer thought we were exaggerating until he actually talked to WF and experienced the true horror for himself. He thinks the custom rep. was just reading things off a cue card at random no matter what question he asked because the answers given had nothing to do with the situation. Not only were they unable to give him a coherent explanation of why we had to pay $600 extra a month (and he is a real estate lawyer) but they also disconnected him twice.

  56. 56 On April 8th, 2008, Nick said:

    “This is Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Collections, is this Mr. Nick YYYY?”

    “Yes, and I’m so glad you called me back.” (note, they called me back. This is important for later)

    the Sob story I related: We owe $175k, it’s worth $175k. No realtor will touch it right now. Can’t afford the commission anyway. Loan is current, but they’ve “adjusted” the escrow again. Job moved, family moved. Boss let me stay (I work in IT) to finish the remodel and sell. Been FSBO since JUNE 2007. One nibble, but he wanted to buy for $130k!!! Anyway, it’s now time to go or not have a job. Furthmore, my mother is now financially dependent on us (long story). So, it’s time to pull the plug on this, I need to sign the house back over to the bank, what’s the next step?

    If I don’t leave, my job is kaput and I can’t pay anyway. I’m supporting two households now. That, the escrow increase, the price of gasoline even, and now I can’t pay the May payment.

    Was told that a) since the value equals what I owe, they will not short sale, NOR deed in lieu. B) since I’m not behind, that they can’t do anything anyway.

    So as a previous poster pointed out, try to do the right thing BEFORE it gets bad and they won’t help. Wait until it gets bad, and they charge you fees, and still won’t help.

    I told her that there’s no choice in the matter. That they either let me sign the deed over, or I just walk away. The house is in great shape, minus the last of the floor tile and a tub surround. If I walk, then the yard goes to crap, I turn off the power and water, etc. I’m sure it will be in great shape if they wait.

    The lady on the phone tells me that all I can do is to try to get more creative in marketing the house. WTF? OK, so if I can’t find a buyer on my own now, AND have no money left to do anything else, AND the market is tanking, AND I’m about to be unemployed anyway, what will marketing do, exactly?

    “That’s all I can advise you to do”

    “OK, then I need to know where the closest office is, so that I can take my keys in”

    “You need to call the customer service number on your statement.”

    “I see. So, I request assistance, am told that since I’m a good customer and am on time, that you won’t help me prevent it getting bad. You call me since I requested assistance, and tell me that WF won’t help me. Now when I ask how to find your nearest office, you want me to hang up and call WF. Is that about it?”

    “Yes sir, you need to call the customer service line on your statement”

    “FYI, I’m not sending you another red cent ever. AND I’m waiting for my attorney to call me, AND I may be in the house now, but I’m packing up and leaving by the end of the month.”

    “I’ve noted the account, is there anything else I can help you with today?”

    “You’re kidding, right?” And with that I hung up the call.

    Waiting for a call back from my attorney now on what the next step is.

  57. 57 On April 9th, 2008, MJ Avila said:

    I have the same problem with Wells Fargo. I’ve had the loan for 7 years now. I’ve never had to pay a late fee. It is a rental property and the tenants have until the 5th to pay, so I send out the payment to WF on the 8th. I have until the 15th according to the loan docs. Since last year they call my home at all hours, weekdays and weekends to harrass me until they get the payment. They wake up my toddler and interrupt our family dinners. I am outraged!

  58. 58 On April 14th, 2008, A Hilton said:

    Wells Fargo is the worst Mortgage Company I have ever dealt with. According to the loan documents we signed, we have until the 16th before we are assesed a late fee. They begin to call our house around the 20th, of the previous month before a payment is due on the first of the following month. With the stupid message, “Please contact Wells Fargo Home Mortgage”. Thats about 2 or 3 times a day before the payments are actually due. Then they have another rep call trying to sell us Mortgage Life Insurance, another trying to sell us some kind of Home Warrenty Crap, another trying to sell something else. Then about 7 or 8 in the morning someone else calls asking all sorts of nosey questions, degrading ridiculous questions about stupid CRAP. Verifying address, “do you intend to keep this property”, etc…… Around 9 or 10 at night, same thing. We always either don’t answer or if we do, we let them have it. We have NEVER been charged a late fee, EVER. We have always made our payments on time. I don’t understand how these people can call every single month 10 days before a payment is due,and continue to call long after the payment is received. One month about 4 months ago, we actually sent in two payments, do you believe my husband had to call them and ask them why they were calling when we clearly wrote what that payment was for, and they had the nerve to say it was not posted although they had the payment for over 22 days……… it was in “suspense”. What….. I guess they can’t read and see what the money is for, but, don’t apply it to the loan cause someone might miss the chance to call and ask if we plan to leave the property. We NEVER get letters or correspondance other than regular monthly payment notices with no late fees or past due amounts. I don’t understand why this company spends this much money hiring folks to harrass people who pay a mortgage payment on time and in some cases early every single month. When we call we too are transfered to the “collections” for no reason. Now, I make it a point to pay it right at the 16th before late charges can be added, and I am changing my number. I hate WF and I can’t wait until 6 months are up, because I am getting rid of them. I’m refi and going with another company. And for all you WF jerks posting here, I have at least 5 family members and 3 friends with this same issue. So no it’s not just me and all the people (by the way looks like my post is #58) on this post. I’ve only counted about three WF sympathetics. It is everyone, I hope WF is out of business. I know they will be in my town and my state because NO ONE will take any mortgage from them. The only way I know for them to get a mortgage loan is to buy it without consent from a homeowner. Then the homeowners will run for the nearest bank to get it out of their hand. NO ONE wants to deal with a company that treats great customers as though they are degenerate inbred idiots. Which by the way must be the qualification to get a job there. Because I’ve not talked to one person I believe has enough sense to even pick up a phone without some instruction. Hence the disconnected calls.

  59. 59 On April 20th, 2008, Jay e said:

    You know, when the payment is due on the 1st of the month, and you wait till the last minute to send it in half way through the month, ITS LATE! Its a grace period for those in a bind, not so your always abusing it. If its that hard, why not send in your payment on the 16th, so its there by the first of the next month, then you wont have any problems for YOUR mess up and being sent to collection every time and wonder why they are asking all the typical questions because your always late, and border line default, as it would seem to them since your always cutting into the grace period????

  60. 60 On April 20th, 2008, TheLandlord said:

    You OBVIOUSLY work for Wells Fargo. Of the 59 comments on this post, yours is number 4 with this stance. And the other three? They work for Wells Fargo. It’s been verified.

    You know your comments are transparent to the readers here, so why bother?

  61. 61 On April 24th, 2008, Customer Service REP said:

    Half the people that call customer service at wellsfargo don’t even read their loan documents your DUE DATE is the 1st of the month not 16th that is a courtesy that WF gives graces period. So if your payment isn’t by the 1st it is considerate late, wellsfargo also has to deal with a lot of dumbass home owners who don’t even know how to read a bill or do basic math. People are demanding and they don’t realize how dumb they sound when they call customer service!

  62. 62 On April 24th, 2008, TheLandlord said:

    Ok, let’s take this one point-by-point shall we?

    1. You’re a Wells Fargo employee. Let’s hope Wells Fargo takes real good care of you in life for defending their anti-customer tactics. Oh, that’s right. They’re a huge corporation and they’ll lay you off as soon as they deem it necessary. Sorry. Bye!

    2. Wells Fargo is SERVICING mortgage accounts. Why they think that they can behave differently than ALL the other mortgage companies is beyond me. They’re forgetting what business they’re in. Let me know if any of these ring a bell: banking services. mortgage services. customer service. They’re in the S-E-R-V-I-C-E business (dumbass).

    3. So the customers who don’t deal with mortgages, foreclosures, short sales and/or customer service in their daily lives/jobs are “dumbasses”?

    I’d like to see you in a situation where you’re a customer at say, an auto repair shop and instead of coming in and saying, “My engine mounts need to be changed because the engine is not idling properly,” you say, “It just runs rough.” Would that make YOU a dumbass?

    How about if you call up your IT guy and say, “I can’t print.” Would THAT make you a dumbass?

    Go ahead and keep posting comments like this and maybe I’ll write some posts about Wells Fargo that will rank #1 in Google’s search results for the terms “Wells Fargo” instead of ranking #1 for the terms “Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sucks” like I do now.

  63. 63 On May 31st, 2008, D. Allen said:

    Yes, bait and switch does seem to be the Wells Fargo SOP.

    In our case, we have a signed General Loan Acknowledgment for a 30 year fixed loan and then out of the blue 7 years later, we get a notice in the mail telling us we have a *magical* balloon payment due. We faxed them the original loan docs signed by THEIR loan officer in 2001 and still we can’t get this resolved. Now, they refuse to accept our loan payment (while still charging interest, no less). They will accept our payment “if we also pay the balloon note”. Of course in the alternative, they’ll be happy to write a new loan at 3/8ths of a point higher than we’re now paying, plus $4500 “lender fees”. Either that or we can pay a “reset fee” which will add another 23 years to our existing 22 years on the original 30 year loan.

    All I can suggest for anyone experiencing similar treatment is to keep calling HUD and your local state government offices. This is what I call the worst kind of fraud. Personally, I can’t afford to pay $400/hr. for an attorney, so all we can do is keep complaining until WFB tries taking our home away from us. (and no, we’ve never been late on a payment either).

  64. 64 On June 1st, 2008, Incompetence Rules At Wells Fargo Home Mortgage said:

    […] we go again. Back about a year ago I wrote a couple of posts about how Wells Fargo Home Mortgage basically abuses their mortgage customers by treating […]

  65. 65 On June 8th, 2008, Michelle said:

    WF employee aka dumbass….So what if the payment is due the 1st. Grace periods were put in effect for a reason. If the employees were concentrating on the more important things their clients needed( like getting their house short sale or deed in lieu etc) than calling & harassing folks who pay their payments by the 15th, maybe less houses would be foreclosed on & sold, in turn more houses being bought & sold which in turn would make them more money stupid!
    Oh yeah they would rather waste payroll harassing the folks that can afford to pay than helping the ones that really needed the help out there. Didn’t our moms raise us to ask for help when we needed it? Well I guess us who medically needed help do not qualify. Well I hope stupid here doesn’t ever trip over his ego. There just might not be anyone there to pick him up because we will all be at the homeless shelter.

  66. 66 On June 9th, 2008, Shelly said:

    So, I’ll try & not make mine too long. I knew I was going to lose my income permanently 3 months before it happened as I was on paid leave. We called WF to let them know & asked what to do. They only have us two options. Go on the market & get full price or short sale. Being first time owners & not knowing much ok. Got a realtor & she suggested short sale as we didn’t own the house long. My health was unexpected & a huge loss of income Not lot’s of equity. So we called WF back & they said well we can’t help you until you miss some payments. Don’t make your next payment & then call us. So we did. The girl then told us if we miss one more payment they could put us on a payment plan which we thought they were putting the payments at the end of the loan. So, we thought that gave us some time to sell. She asked us to send a hardship letter in. We did, mail & fax. With-in two weeks of that we got an investor to make an offer & put earnest money down on the house. This is when it started. I have all the document to back this by the way. It took weeks to get WF to finally get the paperwork. They kept saying it was lost, not received, missing this or that, on & on. We made call after call. The investor mind you made call after call. He was great. This was a good couple of months. Short version…tons of calls & faxes later…WF told us it all was good not to worry about making any payments that we needed to do another hardship letter, hud counseling to make sure we understood what we were doing, appraisal (they were sending one out) & a few other documents. We were so excited to get this done.This started March 2007 when we notified them. June 2007 they told us we would close about August. So we moved out because it’s hard to find rentals here & there was one. December 1,2007 still no closing. Tons of more faxing & calls. They had the nerve to tell the investor we never did our paperwork from day one. HOLLY HECK! He completely freaked on them. Of course many people & calls later oh well actually the person you dealt with got fired so you have to start all over again. OMG! So, ,mid Dec. the investor who lived out of town asked us to move in so the house would be taken care of as they said it would be at least a couple more months. So we did. He offered to help with moving expenses. So, 2 months after that, another buyer came & offered us a complete cash buy out of 100% of what we owed plus moving money. YEAH! We called the investor & he said take it call right away. We did, she had the money in hand. WF took almost 3 weeks to get someone I could talk to that knew anything. Then I finally got a number I thought was right & had the new buyer call & they told her well, they are in a short sale so you have to do a short sale & put an offer in & we’ll contact the first buyer & see if he has a counter offer & see who does more & go from there. Long story short this was another month. They harassed her so much she backed out. So the original guy kept his stuff in place so we could do this. Mind you my health was terrible. Now top it with the stress. So, we are back to faxes, calls etc. We end up have to file chapter 13 bankruptcy. Sept. 2008 Can you believe how much time has gone by??????? And they are saying this is going to short sale still. So our attorney is shocked but says hey you can keep the house if you want? Right! Whatever. They say we can get the payments where we can afford them. Ok go for it. So the investor is excited for us. What a great guy. He is amazed. He said you ever go to court, I have all the paperwork & I’m so there. I’ve done this for years & these folks by far are the worst people I have ever dealt with. So, we get some paperwork on the house & we said ok we’ll keep it if the payment is what we can afford. The letter comes from WF saying they will work will us. Believe it or not 2 days after that we get a letter saying you have 2 weeks to come up with your payment in order to keep the house & they raised the payment almost $500 over what it was to begin with. How in the heck were we going to pay that & in 2 weeks. We had to pay our trustee payment in court & our attorney fee in 2 weeks as well. Not to mention we couldn’t afford the stinken payment at the original payment how could we afford $500 more. Of course we had to deny it & I said screw this I’m done!!! Done done done! Let it go back. These guys are____________! Here we are now yes 2 years later in foreclosure. They even sent us a letter after our attorney called & said they can’t pay that much stating you have option….you can do forbearance, short sale etc. The nerve. Like they would do such a thing. Now we are sitting here five days before auctions & not able to find a place to move. Our town is small, we are denied because of bankruptcy & paid a few times about $90 in application fees to apply for houses or apartments just to get turned down & all I did is two years call and ask Wells Fargo what to do because in three months I’m going lose my income as I have become ill & I’m losing my career. I did what they said! I found a buyer! For the dumbass that makes excuses for them. This is a very long story short & I have so much documentation of everything & everyone we talked to so you can’t get out of this one! I even have a couple of witnesses. Sucks I don’t have the money for a lawyer. These folks need sued!!!!

  67. 67 On June 12th, 2008, Judy Lyons said:

    Sorry to hear about your mess. How awful for you. My bankruptcy lawyer told me to foreclose. How would I find a place with 4 dogs, two cats, one kid and a fresh bankruptcy. The rent would still 2,ooo. So I’m sticking it out.

    Anyway, make a report to your Congressperson.They need to be able to track this bank’s behavior toward you. I dealt with WF also. Spoke to people who didn’t care, constantly got transferred, could not talk to any one person. Did hardship letter, asked for missed payments to be put on end of loan. WF does NOT send out letters of denial which is why it’s so hard to track and deal with them. They want no proof out there that they are AHs – I had to call repeatedly to find the status of loan payments. WF Mortgage will not allow the homeowner to have a contact person. By then I drained my 401K to pay back months and was told house was in foreclosure with 2500 foreclosure fee attached.

    The HELOC department was far more helpful and gave me one person to deal with and she was extroidinarily helpful.

    Now after having pulled myself out of the foreclosure, I filed bankruptcy so I keep my house. However, the tenant I rented to in March is a scammer and is milking me for 30 more days of living here rent free until trial. I am drowing and so scared I’ll be back where I started. I’m out another 1500, and she leaves PG&E on almost 24 hours. The LL can’t retaliate but apparently the renter can retaliate all they want without reprecussion.

    My financial life has turned to mud–yet again.
    I will never rent again without all my protections. F’em

  68. 68 On June 29th, 2008, JoAnn,Upstate,New York said:

    I owned a home in Florida for several years before it was damaged by the 2004 huricanes.I repaired it and than learned it had a 200 ft. sink hole under it.You can guess!I suffered a great loss.I relocated to upstate NY and purchased the home,May 11 of 2006.I ended up with Wells Fargo Mortgage by accident!This was induced by the realtor and a loan agent from Wells Fargo.Sort of like a bait and switch deal.I had a loan set up with another company who also sent out an appraiser to the home I contracted March 13,2006 for a purchase based on a appraisal.Keep in mind that I had worked with this other company and they helped me a great deal through my crises and loss and I had a relationship with them,although they are a big company,they did help me and I had nothing but trust in them.The realtor told the appraiser that the property had already been appraised by Wells Fargo.Of course the appraiser contacted me,since I was still in Florida in our sink hole house,packing and closing everything up.I contacted the realtor and he told me he had arranged everything through Wells Fargo without my consent.Time was running out and I had no choice at that time but to go with Wells Fargo.I asked for the appraisal and was told the realtor was present when the appraisal was done byt the loan officer and realtor.The loan officer of Wells Fargo told me the appraisal is with the home office and I would be sent a copy.We were to close on the property at the end of March 2006 or first week of April since I had to be out of our Fl. home that was sinking and could not longer be lived in.We moved up to NY and the closing was delayed but the realtor arranged for us to move into the home knowing that the closing would follow.I am still asking for this appraisal and run around between the realtor and loan officer.I get to closing in May,11,2006!I had to pay 2 months rent to the seller who delayed the closing because her and her divorced husband could not get together for the closing at the time it was suppose to close!At closing,I asked again for the appraisal since I was placing 20% down payment,paying all closing cost and paid $400.00 for the appraisal.Again,I was told it would be sent to me but the property appraised for more than $30,000.00 higher than the selling price and had to be sold due to a divorce between the sellers.I did have an inspection and the sellers claimed all the repairs were performed required on the inspection report.I began to ask questions about the repairs and again for the appraisal and was advised by the attorney who I paid for myself and also the same attorney for Wells Fargo,that I was not to back out of the contract or I would lose the money I just paid in closing cost,the down payment and $1000.000 good faith deposit.I was afraid to say anything else and felt bullied into this purchase without all the truth of lending,appraisal value and represetation.I also had no place to go other than a motel and try to find another home for my family if we terminate the contract,which I had every right to do based on a true appraisal.
    With all of this,six months later,I am still waiting for the appraisal from Wells Fargo.I requested it again from the CS and was sent a Rel’s report.What is this?Where is my $400.00 appraisal.The report is a market report drawn up by a net program,owned by Wells Fargo!By this time,I learn the sellers lied about the repairs,the property and the fact that is it the subject of contamination caused by IBM.I needed a new roof which leaks and causing damages to the ceilings and walls.I needed a new foundation that is crumbling but was painted over to hide the defects!The second bath was remodeled and new flooring placed over a rotted floor cauisng the toilet to fall through!Now I learn that Wells Fargo took my appraisal money without providing me with the appraisal that they represented to have done!I have good credit, a decent income and well qualified for a loan.My loan is a 30 year fixed although because it was a small amount barrowed,my interest rate is 7%.I contacted Wells Fargo and told them I needed repairs and according to the rel’s report provided to me by Wells Fargo,I have a great amount of equity in the property and I needed a equity loan or second to fix the roof and foundation.It was through Wells Fargo loan department that I learned that I over paid for the property and had no equity and the property is over financed.I have had an ongoing fight with Wells Fargo every since.I was refunded $325.00 of my appraisal after fighting them over this.They held my appraisal money and stated they paid $75.00 the Rel’s report,owned by them, and the fact that this report is a elevated report that states my property is of value when it is not is another problem.This is outright FRAUD.Wells Fargo thinks they are above the law and have indicated so in ther letters to me.They think this is a done deal.To add to this insult by Wells Fargo and the bad CS,the run around,the concealment of no appraisal,the misrepresentation,the taking of fees that they did not perform on and depriving me from the right to cancel the contract based on the truth of in property value,and the fraud committed by the sellers in a disclosure document,I was double billed by my homeowners insurace and I quit them and learned that even if the house burnt down,it would not be replaced or rebuilt over the contaminated ground it sits on!So now,Wells Fargo adds a excessive rate of FPI and states I must pay.Although I did get a new policy and paid it for one year and it is just the amount needed to pay off the loan and relocate me if the house burns!In spite of the bad faith,deceptive,fraud committed by Wells Fargo and the team of sellers,realtor and lawyer,I have made every house payment on time,without 1 late pay.I get a letter from Wells Fargo that they are calling the pay off for my loan and will foreclose on me if I do not pay them for the FPI.
    So what now?I will file a law suit with or without a lawyer and I will force this all the way to the supreme court.I plan to show what this company oes do to people and thinks this is ok!So all you CS reps from Wells fargo best rethink your approach when you speak to the customers and on this blog about how great you are and Wells Fargo.We all know you and you are being recorded,documented and stated in every court record,media communication and your names are being used for contacts when you will be confronted by the law and will be held accountable for those broken laws.It is not only the subject of truth and lending,but the criminal acts that are induced through Wells Fargo that has elevated not only the market reports supplied to inncent buyers by your deceptive,dishonest tactics,for profit,the damages will also be elevated so get ready because you are going to pay………….

  69. 69 On July 10th, 2008, Keith said:

    Here is my situation. I have been trying to sell my home for almost 6 months now. Nothing, a bunch of showings but no offers. I have accepted work elsewhere and my family (5 kids and wife) have been living at the house while I am in a different state. I called Wells Fargo and asked for the ability to rent the house they told me it should not be a problem just write a letter. Which I did. Four months later I get the response that I can not rent my home out. Would Wells Fargo truely want me to be the million and oneth foreclosure? Why not let me make my payments on time? Anybody? What should I do?

    Thank you

  70. 70 On August 4th, 2008, Update said:

    Last we heard from WF is that we now have to pay $9,000 or they will foreclose. A year ago when they bought out our mortgage we had great credit and never a problem making a mortgage payment. A few months after that they said we owed $4,000 and put us on a “forebearance” payment plan of an extra $600 a month that almost depleted our savings and ruined our credit. Even if they some how lost two mortgage payments there was no way we could owe that much but we went along while we hired a lawyer because we were scared not to pay. The lawyer is still trying to get a straight answer out of them (see previous posts) and they now say we owe $9,000. The more we pay the more we owe. Everytime we call we get a different story and different instructions. Is there a secret suspension account they are sticking all the money we send in and then losing it? Are they setting fire to it? We don’t know. We have another meeting with the lawyer. If he doesn’t get a straight answer I don’t know what we will do. At this point they can keep the freaking house.

  71. 71 On August 9th, 2008, Steve said:

    I would like to inform all Wells Fargo Home Mortgage customers who are experiencing hardship and hoping to get a loan mod (in a timely manner) or any other type of help the truth how loss mitigation actually works so you may make your own judgment.

    I have posted several times the difficulty I was having with faxing documents to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to get the process started.(you have to have all this info
    received and transferred to your negotiator first to get this process started)

    Today on Friday I made 2 phone calls . One to the Veteran’s Administration and one to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I went into a local Wells Fargo branch on Monday and they faxed 3 pay stubs, 2007 tax documents. Everyday, I received the same answer, never received, takes 2-3 days to transfer the image.I called Veteran’s Administration as this is a VA loan. They called Wells Fargo and they told them the same plus that they have never received the hardship letter that they told me that they received 1 month ago.

    The VA called me back and told me to fax the info to them and they would fax it to Wells Fargo. (The VA monitors this whole process and does step on their toes)
    Fine, I went to the local Wells Fargo bank and asked the rep if she would fax these again. Not only did she fax these documents, she called the loss mitigation department and asked them to please explain how in the world could they have not received these documents as this is a Wells Fargo bank.How many times do these documents need to be faxed by this bank? The loss mitigation rep would not talk to the bank associate even though she verified her employee number and bank info to prove she was a bank employee.

    Also I was informed by the local associate that all faxes go straight to the computer-no paper at all. The loss mitigation rep made me ask the local associate to re-fax these documents again and told me only partial documents
    came through. (Shortly afterward the loss mitigation rep was able to read all the faxes on her her screen all of a sudden) The bottom line is I caught loss mitigation rep with the local employee as my witness (she had to hold back her true thoughts) in a complete lie.

    All loss mitigation does is lie, lie and lie.This has
    been going on for 1 month. They do this deliberately to purposely delay and make this process last as long as possible hoping the customer will give up. Now I’ m told that all documents have been received and transferred
    to my negotiator.(

    So Wells Fargo customers you have to fight them hard, Really hard- call them everyday let them know this info. Now I want the President of this disgusting company to call me for further discussion. This is not the end of this story. I am hot. How many hours and days have I spent on this problem?

    I intend to inform Hope NOW, The Veterans Administration and the general public what they are really doing. Oh I received a letter today, and I quote “We realize that you may be experiencing financial difficulties and could use assistance to take care of this situation. We may be able to help.

    Yeah right!

  72. 72 On August 21st, 2008, SUZANNE said:

    #1 FACT: Wells Fargo Mortgage history in court as a “Predatorial Lender” dates back several years. ACORN Non-Profit Organization was successful in helping thousands of people who were all being forclosed on at one time, for no reason. MY SUGGESTION: Search on the internet under ACORN HOUSING to see to awards to these victims and the method of actions taken. ACORN HOUSING WAS SUCCESSFUL AT PREVENTING THE FORCLOSURES and they have also helped low to moderate income homeowners to refinance as well in order to get out of “Predatorial Lending” situations” no matter which company you have your mortgage with.

    #2 Use proof such as Certified Mail, Fedex Receipts, etc., print up emails and use confirmation sheet with facsimile, when communicating with fraudulant cases. These are admissable in court. HAVE EVERYTHING YOU SAY IN WRITING AND some sort of PROOF OF RECEIPT. Also, signature required. By Express Mail, you can go online later and type in the receipt number and they will email you a printed signature, contact name with the address for proof.

    #3 Use some sort of an organization that will advocate for you and that will be a good third party witness.


  73. 73 On August 22nd, 2008, Gerald said:

    Wow, it is amazing how anyone believes any mortgage lender, or bank, cannot make mistakes or have a percentage of incompetent employees. The vast majority of loans with any servicer is handled 100% accurately. It is unfortunate if some fall through the cracks, but it is going to happen, just like Identity theft. Be glad you have financing with the best company protecting your ID. Yes, I do work for WF, not in Mtg, and I am not a cheerleader, however I have worked for many lending institutions, and no one – not even Countrywide, is any better or worse. The numbers of transactions taking place on a daily basis is mind boggling. You cannot expect a telephone rep to fix anything. Enough said, try to make your payments before the due date, and alleviate a lot of heartache.

  74. 74 On August 24th, 2008, D. Arden said:


    At best, you speak from lack of experience. Payments made on time don’t excuse the lender fraud for which (in my eyes) WF practices on a daily basis. Even being presented with proof, they still refuse to correct the coding error which is responsible for my having to refinance with a different lender. The fact that you admit not working in mortgage would suggest that your comments, albeit well meaning, are without any basis of fact of knowledge. I and my company are removing $1M worth of business from WF. After a year and a half trying to get someone @ WF with the brains and wherewithal to fix a simple error (theirs), enough is enough already!!

  75. 75 On September 3rd, 2008, Gerald said:

    D Arden, unfortunately you fell through one of those human/computer cracks I was talking about. It is a shame simple errors cannot be resolved with the stroke of a key and I agree, there will still be incompetent people and unmanageable errors. I have extensive experience as a Mortgage lender as well as processor and underwriter. Hopefully your new bank is not handed over to the FDIC, putting your $1MM business at risk, if something goes wrong, let me know, that’s what I do now.

  76. 76 On September 9th, 2008, Princess said:

    I work for WF collections. Credit card not home mortgage. While there are aspects that suck within the job.. like people who really are having a hard time but we can’t really help and I will never understand why we jack up interest and late fees on someone who didn’t have the $25 min due anyway.
    I will tell you though that the MAJORITY of the dumb asses I talk to are not in a hardship… while they might gripe that WF is harassing them.. why can they not pay the $25 MIN PAYMENT ea month but can go spend $100 per week on fast food, $500 at macys, Video games, strip clubs, bars… etc.. If you owed me 10 grand and you didn’t pay and I saw your checking acct.. you would wish you had a phone call instead of the baseball bat at your knees.
    I called a lady who owed $800 on her card and had over $30,000 in her checking account. All I asked for was $150 payment towards it after not paying in 4 months.
    If someone owed you money how would you act?
    I will tell you when people get the bitch side of me… when they call in talking shit from my “Thank you for calling WF”…I get cussed out and then they ask “can you waive my late fee?” — Are you serious? Am I being punked? Did you just not call me all sorts of names and yet you have the nerve to ask ME for something? No, really?
    Now let’s look at the bigger picture.. WF charges off after 7 months of no payment… each month in credit cards we charge of 18-20 million. When you lose that kind of money every 30 days by all means let me know how you collect money owed to you?

  77. 77 On September 10th, 2008, Princess said:

    more to say… I have read a number of similar posts and I don’t defend WF as a company but like I mentioned above you’d be surprised by some of the jerks we as employees who do not make millions have to deal with day to day.
    I never feel the need to defend WF as a company because I don’t get paid enough to do that. I don’t always agree and most of the time I couldn’t tell you why they do what they do but when you call us.. you are not calling John Stumpf (CEO)and the funky ass attitude needs to be dropped. You might be upset but watch your mouth on a business call. Our computer calls out before we can review the account so we are just as surprised as you are about the call. Sometimes the computer dials in error and connects us.. who gets cussed out, the computer-no? My particular building employees 2,000 of us within different business groups and we have a job to do. So maybe, just maybe, when you call with a problem you could show a little respect and you’d be surprised a good rep may help you. Sure there are some dumb asses who work there and some people with no compassion.

  78. 78 On September 10th, 2008, cheche said:

    I’m having a bad experince with them right now. i make my payments on time and they are still sending me bills for late and missed payments. I also sent them the difference of my escrow payment and they don’t have a clue where they applied the money yet they cashed the checks. I called their office twice and sent letters and keep getting a different story and the problem not resolved.

  79. 79 On September 11th, 2008, Liz said:

    I was a Wells Fargo employee for 10 years as a loan officer. In those 10 years my pay check was wrong 90% of the time to favor WF. Managers would not do anything unless the employee kept pushing for the difference. Many loan officers didn’t even track what they were supposed to be paid.

    You think Wells Fargo treats their customers bad – they treat their employees even worse. I had to file a claim with my state to get Wells Fargo to pay me my last paycheck. Wells Fargo has all these attorneys on their payroll so they just fight hoping you’ll give up. Well guess what, Wells Fargo couldn’t beat the state of Maryland so they had to pay me. Now I’m suing them for unreimbursed expenses they owe me so guess what WF is doing – coming up with some bogus claim to counter sue me. They are forcing me to hire an attorney to get the money they know they owe me. WF doesn’t have a defense other than they don’t want to pay.

    The other thing is Wells Fargo doesn’t want anyone to know that they were the number 1 subprime lender in 2007. All those 2/28 ARMS with 2 year prepays were Wells Fargo’s favorite loan. And stated income. They had a program where a WalMart Greeter could buy a $900,000 house with no proof of income or assets with just 5% down. Now that’s a loan ready to foreclosure.

  80. 80 On September 16th, 2008, Brad said:

    I have been trying to prevent a foreclosure of my home for the last six months by trying to work something out with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. They have done everything possible to prolong the agony barely falling short of out-right lying. If you are socially conscious you really should contact the Better Business Bureau with your complaints for any chance of making a difference. Include this idea on all public posts you come across as I have.

  81. 81 On September 16th, 2008, Dan said:

    This is a letter that I sent to Wells Fargo Home mortgage.
    A lot of good it did me. NOT! These people are first class jerks. If I had a choice I would never use them again. It all started Jan 26th with a house fire. I’ve been fighting with them ever since. All the money I’ve paid and still they aren’t acknowledging any payment at all. I’ve sent letters to every address I could find, and also every fax number I could use. Read the letter I put here below. Its an EXACT copy. I’ve still yet to have received any response of any kind except I did get a letter “Notice of acceleration” today. If I could find a good lawyer that would take the case on contingency, I’d sue them. I think I’ve got a good case for legal action.

    To whom it might concern,

    I am writing this letter in hopes to get my mortgage dilemma resolved.

    I have been in contact with everyone including but not limited to customer service, loss mediation, property loss, and mortgage service. Still no resolutions have been made.

    On the 26th of January this year our home was totally destroyed by fire. We then decided not to replace the mobile home. Rebuilding was completely out of the question also.
    We have since relocated.

    The insurance company paid $93,907.00. The check was indorsed by us and sent on to Wells Fargo to be applied to the total note. That check was received by Wells Fargo on the 9th of April. Put in a special Escrow account on the 11th of April. .
    At that time the loan balance was $105,932.33. If that payment would have been applied to the balance as I had requested the total would have been $12025.33.
    I have been paying the 7% on the balance of $105,000, When in fact the only outstanding balance was $12,000.

    I am not disagreeing with the interest rate not am I disputing the amount of the payments. Though I would like to refinance the amount to make the payments more manageable. That is not the issue as of right now.

    I have been paying $613.00 interest monthly. That’s far to excessive on an actual balance of $12,000. In all actually I should be paying apporx. $84.00 in interest fees.

    Also, if I’m not mistaken I should no longer be required to pay mortgage insurance when the balance of the original note reaches 90% paid.

    I do not disagree with any of the late fees that may accrue when a payment is late or missed. I do realize that at this time I am somewhat behind. That would not be the case if this would have been handled correctly in the beginning.

    You would have to get the accountants to work on the exact numbers due to the complexity and the time that has past that I have been overpaying.

    Wells Fargo had also been sent a letter from the attorney that I had paid to help me with this situation dated the 21st of May. Still no action was taken. I am no longer able to afford services from a lawyer.

    I am a disabled veteran unable to attain gainful employment, therefore I am on a fixed income. I am at this point undergoing cancer treatment. All this was explained in the letter I faxed to Wells Fargo on the 17th of August.

    This situation has worried me to the point of not eating nor sleeping. Making me sick to the point that treatments are being compromised.

    All correspondence that I have mentioned in this letter should be in my files. Some I had sent through the postal service others have been faxed to different departments.

    I have showed good faith by following all instructions that I have been given to get this matter resolved in a timely manner. That has not happened on Wells Fargo’s count. I am in hopes that you can show me good faith by helping to get this matter resolved.

    I have not received any correspondence from Wells Fargo since the letter dated 22 August. That letter didn’t have any explanation except that my loan had been reinstated. Not only do I not understand that, I didn’t know that my loan wasn’t instated.

    Please mail me all correspondence. Due to my hearing loss it is extremely difficult for me to use the phone. Wells Fargo does have my correct mailing address.

    Any and all help in bringing this matter to a timely close is greatly appreciated.
    <name withheld>

  82. 82 On September 16th, 2008, Madison, Former Wells Fargo Employee said:

    As a recent former employee of Wells Fargo – I have to agree – Wells Fargo stinks as a mortgage company and if you are a woman, stinks as an employer. I was terminated because I did not close 9 loans or $3M in 2nd Quarter 2008. I did close 8 Loans at $2.9M+.

    I was profitable, not in arrears on my draw and the 9th loan was pushed to July 2008 per the buyer’s attorney which was totally out of my control. No one informed me that if I did not close 9 loans I would be terminated. I never received an oral or written warning. All my manger stated to me is that some Regional Manager (that I never met) wanted me fired – actually wanted my manager to call me on vacation and fire me. This was my first vacation since starting at Wells Fargo in Nov 2005. Wells Fargo still owes me back pay – which I have in writing and had to hire an attorney to pursue.

    WELLS FARGO MAKES THEIR OWN RULES! They have owed me this money since July 2008 – pretty nice Grace Period. Then Wells Fargo tried to fight my unemployment claim but an official finally reviewed my claim and found in my favor. Wells Fargo can still and probably will appeal. I was told that Wells Fargo can not fire people for performance only misconduct – which they have to prove. That they can not just check the “No” box. Also, another reason I believe I was terminated – I did not do a lot of Refinances – because over the years I always gave my customers the best interest rate possible so they DID NOT HAVE TO REFINANCE!

    Refinancing only makes Wells Fargo more money. Since I refused to call all my existing customers and confidence them (lie to them) to get them to refinance so Wells Fargo could make more money off of them – management was very unhappy with me. At Wells Fargo it’s all about taking advantage of the customer and employees.

    Wells Fargo’s day will come. They have been successful at hiding behind this ‘Honorable Mortgage Company’ image. They even have the news media stating how ‘Squeaky Clean’ they are although in the months to come the real Wells Fargo will be revealed! Especially that they are the biggest ‘Good Old Boy Network’ and Totally Discriminate Against WOMEN! Gender Discrimination runs rampant throughout Wells Fargo.

  83. 83 On September 17th, 2008, Madison, Former WF said:

    Dan contact your state senator (usually has an email address) and let them know what is going on. Your state senator should at least be able to point you in the right direction to get this matter resolved. Don’t stop Wells Fargo wants people to just give-up so they can keep the money that’s what it’s all about at Wells Fargo.

  84. 84 On September 17th, 2008, Madison, Former WF said:

    Liz I just read your comments – I am going through the same thing with Wells Fargo in PA. My attorney is filing a civil action suit because I have in writing from my former manager that Wells Fargo owes me money. My manager also harassed me for the laptop – stated he was going to come to my house to pick it up. All I wanted was the money I had earned. I took the laptop to my attorney’s office but still no pay. Wells Fargo is the worse – in the months to come it will be revealed. I know of 3 woman with pending gender discrimination lawsuits pending – Wells Fargo may have the media fooled but when WOMAN Customers find out how Wells Fargo discriminates against woman they may rethink doing business with them.

    Also, I was the only loan officer that knew or took the time to read the purposefully difficult commission worksheets – my hiring manager said to me all my loan officer trust me to reconcile there commissions – I said ‘I would never allow anyone to mind my money’. My next manager did not have a clue and did even know how to reconcile commissions – I would make all the changes and he would still mess it up using the excuse I am new at this! Also, Wells Fargo would change the Fees on the Loan (Benefiting the Branch) after you locked it in – forcing a loan that was NOT under – to then be Under so they could take your full commission. I caught them doing this on at least 20 loans.

  85. 85 On September 20th, 2008, lisa said:

    I totally agree with everyone…Wells Fargo in not a good company!

  86. 86 On September 20th, 2008, lisa said:

    I have to add my comment to wells fargo. I am not impressed with they way they work things. I gave them information they needed from me and they go back and forth if they have it or not and in the meantime you get like 3 letters on the same day in the mail…crazy! They don’t have their act together! I would not bank here again.

  87. 87 On September 22nd, 2008, Catherine said:

    I always have issues with Wells also! I’ve always paid on time, had four loans with them in the past 5 yrs, and when I lost my job while pregnant–they told me there was nothing they could do unless we were late on payments. We had to take drastic measures and move out of our house, stay with relatives until my baby was born and that’s where we are now. The rent we get from tenants doesn’t even come close to the mortgage so we pay for a house we can’t even live in. They are awful!!!!!!! There is no human compassion there- AT ALL

  88. 88 On September 27th, 2008, Sarah said:

    I just received a notice that my rental property insurance has not been paid by Wells Fargo. They’ve closed for the day but you better believe they’re getting an earful from me on Monday. Anyone else been having problems with them lately that might indicate they are in trouble too?

  89. 89 On September 28th, 2008, The DA said:

    Yes, I would be very concerned – I went to close my account yesterday at our local branch and they told me they didn’t have the cash (my cash) and had to “order it in” claiming that “they weren’t allowed to keep that much cash on hand for security reasons”. The amount of money that they “didn’t have on hand” (about 5k) is shocking and has made me extremely uneasy about keeping any of my money with them!!

    This is a bank? What a complete and utter sham!! Come Tuesday (when they supposedly ‘get’ the money, I’m gone from there for good! Be aware people-

  90. 90 On October 3rd, 2008, Jennifer said:

    I am glad to hear I am not alone. I refinanced with them at the beginning of this year and have received nothing but grief. They are rude and treat me like a low life. I have gotten into many arguments with them about the fact my payment isn’t late yet they want to know where it is. And my favorite question from them is “Do you plan on keeping your house?” That just is degrading. I completely regret refinancing with them.

  91. 91 On October 5th, 2008, Jim said:

    Has anyone had issues with WF and gettign paid off from hurricane damage? I can’t even get them to send me the correct procedures so that I can start the repairs on my home. Maybe I am missing something from their website but shouldn’t these forms and instructions simply be downloadedable?

  92. 92 On October 23rd, 2008, Liz said:

    Anyone that has received a foreclosure notice from Wells Fargo or anyother lender, look at who the secured party is. The secured party and servicer of the loan may not be the same nor could they be the same lender that originated the loan.

    The reason I’m saying this is because the servicer (unless they are also the secured party) has no legal standing to file for foreclosure as they are not the injured party. Only an injured party can file the claim, in the case of a foreclosure then the injured party is the secured party that holds the note. Make sure you read the documents you are sent as Wells Fargo just had 26 foreclosures dismissed because they were filing as the servicer not the secured party. This happens all the time but no one is checking the documents. Make sure you do. It won’t prevent you from losing your house but it will certainly buy you more time.

  93. 93 On October 25th, 2008, Update said:

    Well, there might be light at the end of the WF tunnel. The first lawyer we hired did nothing but try to talk to WF on the phone and could never figure out why they are saying we suddenly owe them $9,000 and why they have no record of the $4,000 we have already sent them. I finally found one lawyer who can help. He used to work for mortgage companies but now hates them so much he works on the other side of the fence. He is expense but I don’t care. He has sued WF many times and as soon as we can get the retainer together we are taking them to court. I now hate WF so much that I will sell everything I own to go after them. They have destroyed my credit and my peace of mind and my life has been hell because of them for the past year.

  94. 94 On October 27th, 2008, Kiki said:

    I have found out they, Wells Fargo, do not post payment when received! I have worked for many credit card companies, collections departments and customer service departments. Hello! Wells Fargo, it is a law that you have to post payments the day you receive them for credit cards and mortgages! If it was up to the banks they could post when they want to to get the late fees from people. That’s why the FDCRA came up with the law. Most of the payments made to companies go to PO boxes and they only get picked up once or twice a week. They have to post when they get it not when they choose to pick up their mail. I have even done delivery conformation on my payments, because I could tell they were not posting when received. Sure enough, delivery conformation told me they got the payment a full 5 days before they posted it. I called the customer service rep and told them this and they completely ignored my concerns and just kept telling me they didn’t receive until then. It may be a pain but if they are doing this to you, use delivery confirmation on everything! That gives you the proof if you ever need it. Like I said, they can get in trouble for not posting payments when they receive them!

  95. 95 On November 3rd, 2008, Chase said:

    I ran across this while reading on Wikipedia and all I can say is handle your finances better. How can all the blame be put on WF for sending you to the Collections department when you ARE past your payment date of the 1st of each month. No matter what the grace period is you are technically late. You will not be charged a late fee because you are not past the due date of the grace period which gives you 16 allowance days.
    Honestly I have several accounts with WF and have never received such treatment that you complain about unless it was my fault for not paying on time for whatever reason. Also a tip, ask for help. Late fee, overdraft fee, etc can all be reversed if you have a good reason, so it never hurts to ask.

    Lastly I can not stress this more, handle your business. You are an adult and if you honestly think WF’s policy to send you to the Collection department is unrightful then you might want to rethink how you make your payments. Perhaps you should visit a branch or contact them through email instead of by phone. Complaining does make things happen but when you are not holding up your end of the contract by making your payment, then they have every right to let you know YOU ARE LATE.

    Put yourself in their position, if you lend someone $100k or more, would you not care if the borrower were late?

    @93. You might want to keep better documentation of your payments. How can you allow $4,000 to come up missing? No matter who had it after you, it was your money and should have kept reference numbers, if it was a check you should have cancelled it and written a new one. If you sent cash…well you might want to rethink your payment options. Perhaps start sending checks, money order, online payment, etc. to where you can repeal the payment.

  96. 96 On November 9th, 2008, my2cents said:

    Chase, in all due respect, you are fortunate (or dare I say perhaps naive as to what this bank is up to these days). Up until about 3 weeks ago, I did close to $1M of business w/ WFB, but have now closed all my accounts with them due to their quite unethical and potentially illegal behavior. All I can say is be very careful in thinking this bank is not beyond reproach

    In my case, 4 months worth of on-time loan payments have been held as “unapplied funds” by WF for no valid reason whatsoever. Even the Comptroller of the Currency for whom a formal complaint was sent has acknowledged that the issue with them is up to a court as a contract issue (not WF). They (WF) eventually sent me a check representing 3 of the 4 months paid upon my refinancing w/ another lender, but when I went to cash it at THEIR branch, they had put a stop payment on the check. To this day, I still can’t figure out how they could possibly feel entitled to MY money. This is just a small taste of what they are doing to me and many other very good customers. Move your money now folks – it’s much cheaper than hoping you can get it back after they file bankruptcy or worse, having to sue them once they rip you off for several thousands of $$!!

  97. 97 On November 10th, 2008, Did you actually read what I wrote? said:

    “@93. You might want to keep better documentation of your payments. How can you allow $4,000 to come up missing?”

    Did you actually READ what I wrote? I DID NOT ALLOW $4,000 to “come up missing.” The whole point was that I made $4,000 IN ADDITION to my regular payments and now there is $9,000 missing. Of course I did not send cash. Of course I have a record of my payments. None of that matters to WF because they pay no attention to what they told.

    I don’t understand why you even bother to post if you don’t read what people are saying. Unless, of course, you actually work for the Evil Empire of Wells Fargo. Which, judging from your reading comprehension skills, you probably do.

  98. 98 On December 3rd, 2008, Alanna said:

    Yes i have dealt with Wells fargo for 4 years now, first 2 years I was paid twice a month so my paycheck on the 15th , that is 2 weeks prior to due date. Then due to job loss and change i paid on the 1st…right on the due date, 2 months ago my business closed no notice and i paid 3 weeks late…this month i am 5 days past the first and they are already harrassing me WTF is right. I mean harrass those that have been late all the time (late after grace period)..Then they procede to get info on all my income and bills and tell me my income is less than monthly bills by $600 NO sh#% i am unemployed!!!!!…seriously the banks got the bail out money..now what u gonna do to help us ??????????????

  99. 99 On December 12th, 2008, Ron said:

    Well….. I tried to switch to another bank for the better mortgage rate….GUESS What…..they won’t let me ! I’m locked in for 5 years! I offered to pay a 3 month penality.
    They said no such thing with us. your locked in , unless you sell the house !
    Anybody got any suggestions ?
    e-mail me at ….rpace@cogeco.ca
    put in the subect line for the e-mail….” Help “

  100. 100 On December 13th, 2008, TheLandlord said:

    Ron, there HAS to be a clause in your mortgage agreement stipulating a penalty for early termination of the mortgage. The only out can not be that you have to sell the property. I suggest that you take your mortgage agreement to a real estate attorney and let them know what you want to do (refinance, etc.)

    This is a pretty standard request. If the attorney feels that the terms are “unconscionable” (a legal term) you may be able to sue Wells Fargo for abusive mortgage practices.

  101. 101 On December 18th, 2008, Unknown said:

    Reading stories like the ones listed above really provides a clearer picture to everyones’ anger and frustration. While I can’t say much, please, please understand that you all do have rights. If your situations are as complicated as I read above you do have the right as a consumer to escalate your situation through your banks’ chain of command until you find someone who has the authority to give you the help that you deserve. I truely hope that each and every one of you that have posted on this site do get your situations resolved with your mortgage company.

  102. 102 On January 19th, 2009, KMB said:

    Wells Fargo is a joke and the laugh is on us. We have our original mortgage with them and had no problems until we tried to refinance three months ago. For three months they have been stalling us by asking for copies of paperwork and then adding on requirements so it has to be sent again and again. We have sent them over 100 pages of financial documents for a straight forward 30yr refi. When they asked for documentation as to why I received $247.00 check in my checking account, I drew the line. This was a payment from my medical insurer. On the SAME statement was payout for the check I wrote for the SAME amount to my doctor. I told them that they were violating HIPAA laws by asking me for further documentation. We still have our application open with them but I am so sick of this nonsense that I am looking into other options. I don’t even care about losing the application fee at this point. I should mention that both my husband’s and my credit ratings are in the 800s. We both have stable jobs(Thank God) and have never been late paying. If they are giving us such a hard time, how are people who are down on their luck supposed to get a leg up? Isn’t that why the banks got all this bail out money? How does this translate to the common person who is hurting right now. If no one can get approval for lower interest rates from big banks like Wells Fargo, then what was the point of the bail out?

    This is my first attempt at blogging.
    Thanks for giving my the chance to vent. I actually feel a little better now knowing that I’m not alone.

    Frustrated in NJ

  103. 103 On January 25th, 2009, Chris said:

    I need some advise. I am in sales and commissions are coming in but not good. I am getting into financial troubles and seem to just barely make it every month so I let my credit cards go and only have my house / mortgage / utilities but they are getting tough to make and I am concerned w/ this economy.
    I am about to approach Wells Fargo to do a modification on my primary residence and hopefully lower my payments which are 2200 now but I dont know if they will refinance since my credit is starting to go down w/ missed credit card pmts. Does anyone know a solution to getting Wells Fargo to agree to some type of payment reduction.
    Should I ask for a loan modification. I know FHA was offering to refinance at 87% of fair market value for anyone that purchased a home before January 1, 2008. I purchased my home March 31st 2008 when the economy was still good for what I do.

  104. 104 On January 31st, 2009, Kelly said:

    I’m glad I found this site. Please offer some advice. My husband and I inherited his deceased mothers house in September 2007. We have had our share of late payments b/c this is a second mortgage for us that we had not planned on. We’ve been trying to sell the home but with the market and all this past year it’s been impossible. Anyway, recently we were two payments behind and the power got turned off in the home. It’s listed with a realtor and we’re about to have a tenant in there to rent until we can sell. They sent us a letter stating if we did not get payments caught up by February 17th they would start foreclosure action. 2 days later we received a regular mortgage statement with no notifications or anything. This past Monday our realtor called to say she received a phone call from someone at the property threatening to cut her lock box off if she did not come out and remove it as he was there to change the locks. WTF??!! So she went out and removed her lock box as it would have cost her $100.00 to replace. When I went out to the property after she notified us there were “Winterization” stickers on the front door and our BRAND NEW $60.00 door knob and dead bolt were gone!!!!!! They changed them with some extremely cheap old scratched up lock and knob. I called the 1-800# on the sticker like “WTH??” Who authorized you to do this and he stated he got a work order from Well’s Fargo on the 14th of this month to do this due to the house being in foreclosure!!! The house IS NOT in foreclosure!! After leaving numerous messages with the property preservation department (none of them returned) my husband finally talked with another employee. He said he would send an email to that department to try to get it straightened out. 2 days later UPS shows up with a letter not explaining anything it just had the keys from the new locks they they put on our doors taped to it with instructions to mail them to us (my husband and I)!!! So still no return phone call….no explanation on HOW or WHY they did what they did. So today I went out to the house and our old door knobs which they said would be in a drawer were nowhere to be found and a nice candy dish that we had left on the counter for potential buyers was gone! They stole it too!!! So what are our rights? We were not in foreclosure it clearly states that in THEIR letter. Also now we have to replace those nasty old door knobs and get our house de-winterized. They sent us no notification of them coming out either before or after. They will not return our calls regarding the situation. Their contractors broke in to OUR home, destroyed our property (door knobs) and stole from us!! We don’t know what to do! Do they have the right to do what they did?? Without notification or without the house being in foreclosure? I would think not but would love advice.

  105. 105 On February 1st, 2009, One of you said:

    If you haven’t already, I would call the police and file a complaint immediately. Take pictures and document everything – and don’t touch anything inside so that the police can get fingerprints (particularly if this was a crime) to find out who was actually there. From what I read in your letter, this is B & E (breaking and entering) and without proper legal standing, is a blatant felony. WF is completely out of control!! If you do find them at the core of this and they have violated the law, you can sue them. You might also consider contacting your local district attorney and/or legal aid center. Please follow up here and let us know how this all pans out. Good luck!!

  106. 106 On February 1st, 2009, Bill said:

    We have a story that is similar to many of the above. Went through the Loan Mod process 3 times, all denied… and we make enough money and did EVERYTHING they asked. I can’t see any other reason then they want to steal our house. The have intentionally denied 3 times and for total BS.

    1st they understated our income by over $2,000 a month (guess they can’t read the pay stubs we faxed to them a dozen times). Denied, won’t reopen
    2nd someone at WF put the notes at the bottom of the case notes. Loss Mitigation agent didn’t see them and closed the case saying some BS about us not sendng requested info (that we’ve already sent a dozen times AND SENT THAT TIME TOO… .and it was verified by WF). They see THEIR error but still will NOT reopen the case. Denied again
    3rd time we made 3 payments on the plan ON TIME EVERY TIME with the 4th to be rolled into the loan under the mod. They said we broke the agreement (I can only assume we didn’t pay the huge balloon pamyment we were NOT supposed to pay…. “oh no sorry I just don’t have the $21K, I just got done sending close to $18k for the last plan) and we’re screwed.
    Denied yet again

    Everyone gives us different answer (3 different answers from 3 different people on what to do this week alone).

    When this started we were only 2 payments behind, now its like 11 because Loss Mitigatiun and everyone else at WFe says to not send them any money as it will screw up the process and the money will be rolled into the loan. Whoever is responsible for how they conduct business should all be thrown in jail.

    Now it’s back with the lawyers again. Trying to get a sale date, more late charges and interest plus attorney fees. What started out as around $6,000 turned into close to $40,000 and bascially $15,000 of that is all the fees they tacked on. Somewhere along the line this has to be illegal.

    If anyone starts a class action suit WFHM please let us know. We’re in, even though we may not have a house in a couple months, we’re in.
    Email ou81forme at yahoo.com

  107. 107 On February 3rd, 2009, atalossforwords said:

    This is unbelievable. Our story is so similar to those above. We have been trying to work with Wells since April 2008. Most recently we were denied loan mod and now once again we are trying to work out liquidation and once again “they don’t seem to have our complete fax.” So today, again I faxed the two missing pieces. I would get into the unbelievable thing the rep asked me to do but you wouldn’t even believe me. I am so afraid a sheriff is going to show up at the house.

  108. 108 On February 11th, 2009, brian said:

    well, i was thinking of refinancing with WF. now i am not so sure…

  109. 109 On February 11th, 2009, Jay Kay said:


    I have been attempting to MODIFY since Nov 2007 always denied. I was also told TO BREAK MY PLAN in order to get a loan modification!!!! So I broke it the house went on the block 1 day later, had to come up with 6100.00 and agree to another impossible repayment plan. Denied for the 5th time my pyment went fro 2700/month to 4200.00 neat huh?

  110. 110 On February 15th, 2009, jz said:

    why dont you get the payment in ON THE FIRST WHEN ITS DUE!!!!

  111. 111 On February 15th, 2009, TheLandlord said:

    The payment is not late until the 16th. Have you read the post?


  112. 112 On February 17th, 2009, Sweeetiepie said:

    Yeah… GRP Management, who contracts with first american field service, who contracts with wells, came out to cut the lawn last night. I have been on the phone all day with no luck… first american advised me to contact the property preservation department but the closest I can get is a rep who assures me my home is not in foreclosure and says he will email my concerns to the property preservation team.

    Does anyone know how to reach them directly?

  113. 113 On February 17th, 2009, TheLandlord said:

    I just spoke with my realtor who does a lot of short sales with Wells Fargo. I asked her if she had ever heard of a department at Wells Fargo called the “property preservation department” and she said no.

    In my opinion, you should call into the normal customer service number and ask them the question.

    Good luck!

  114. 114 On February 17th, 2009, Sweeetiepie said:


    The property preservation department is responsible for contracting lock outs, etc… I successfully reached an executive in this department who said he will put in a stop order. Here are the numbers:

    manager 515-324-2872

  115. 115 On February 18th, 2009, Jay Kay said:

    wow I just saw post #106… Sounds freakishly similar to my saga. 3 payments are now 6, fees soaring, seriously what is wrong with Loss Mitigation? mMy weekly check stub was deemed as monthly pay, denied. My lease agreement deemed invalid, denied. Sometimes I just get a letter that says ” We could not agree”. Everyone should file a lawsuit against the bank, it seems our only hope. They will get the TARP money and simply sock it away , seriously when is it going to get better?

  116. 116 On February 18th, 2009, RippedoffbyWF said:

    I had received a loan offer by Wells Fargo for $1250.00 it was one of those you can sign and deposit appartently with no questions asked. A couple of weeks later I received a call and was told I was no approved for the loan and could I come by their office to discuss alternatives. I ended up with two additional credit cards and a mortgage on my house. Now this has to be predatory lending if I ever saw it Bait and switch to the max,

  117. 117 On February 18th, 2009, jgarcia said:

    I would like to know if there are any lawsuits pending or in process against Wells Fargo. I personally feel they should be put out of business, but then they are a “healthy bank” according to their CEO.

  118. 118 On February 18th, 2009, all_marks said:

    Post 106 & 115. Similar story… However I pursued them before I had issues to come to resolution. I had great income. I just needed an interest modification to be able to afford my home. After many back and forths and no one of any intellect or power to do anything, I received an unannounced foreclosure (after a canceled foreclosure) and attempt to be locked out of my home. I woke to contractors who were to change my locks and winterize my home on Dec. 26 and went on to learn that a sheriff’s sale had occurred on Nov. 4. I am due to be out of my home on May 4. Any recommendations as I don’t have $1000s to spend on legal fees.

  119. 119 On February 24th, 2009, Ken said:

    I had the same problem of Wells Fargo calling on the 2nd saying it’s late. I notified the BBB and FTC. Fargo sent me a cease and desist order for me to sign and send back. Haven’t had anymore calls. if you don’t threaten nothing will happen.

  120. 120 On February 28th, 2009, Jim said:

    Wells Fargo certainly is a scandalous company. I took a job out of state temporarily to save my home when the economy tanked. Wells Fargo thanked me for saving my home by cancelling my homeowner’s insurance, claiming I abandonned my home even though I still made my payments on time every time, and did their worst to harass me out of my house. I look forward to the day I can refinance and get rid of them. They lie, cheat, and do everything in their power to steal everything they can from their customers. I know I’m not alone. Every person I’ve met with a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage swears they will never ever finance a house through them again.

  121. 121 On March 4th, 2009, gerald said:

    I have the same problem with wells fargo home mortage been tring to get a modication as per there people. Sent the first two payments as told but they say they were the wrong amount, must now start over but they would just hold on to the first two payments. They have so many offices that every time you call you get a differant one and they don’t know how to look anything up on the computer. I would love to join a class action lawsuit against them if there is one.

  122. 122 On March 11th, 2009, steve said:

    I am a victim of Huricane Ike. I am a victim of these Godless people who can’t find their ass with a flashlight. My insurance company paid my windstorm damage claim to me and WFHM, in October of the following month. I filled out their “disaster package” and endorsed the check for them to “monitor” and pay for the repairs.I had to get a roofer right away as a tree fell thru the house. He agreed to wait for the money.I had to wait until December and hire a lawyer just to get the first 33% of the insurance funds.Meanwhile, my mother who’s home in Galveston was destroyed had to live with us, because her home was being rebuilt.Our insulation had mold in it as well as the ceiling, and the walls BECAUSE WATER LEAKS THRU A ROOF WITH A TREE FALLING ON IT! Not good for a mother who has asthma, and is stressed out because her home is destroyed. I called WFHM every day and got lied to, told 52 different stories and no one knew where my insurance money was! Finally, before the contractor filed lien in December, they sent a check with my name and the name of my ex-wife who I’ve been divorced from for 5 years. The INSURANCE CHECK WAS MADE TO ME ONLY WTF!! I had to pay her 1k to get her signature rather than deals with these idiots who can’t follow not 1 but 2 court orders to remove her name from the financial dealings of this home.They treated me like dirt for trying to repair my home, which my mother used her credit cards to help us, because these dumbasses have no respect for human beings.The newsmedia is owned by them too, they refuse to help us also. I have gotten e-mails from 65 other WFHM clients, some of whom even now have not recieved any of their insurance money from WFHM.After I recieved the first installment, I was told I would not recieve any more money until their”inspection team” cleared the home as 50% repaired. Their “team”, 1 guy who was decent, gave me an 80% repaired status but then, they only sent me $2000 and put my contractor’s name on the check WTF??? Now, 6 months later I am 100% finished as per their”inspection team” paperwork, which they “lost” numberous times even with return receipt, and they owe me 8000.00 since January19th. Yes, like a previous blogger said “Where’s my money bitch?” I have filed suit against them, so now they’re using that excuse to hold my insurance money. I need to pay my mom back, she has BOA Home Mortgage and they paid her check in full 48 hrs after she turned it over to them WTF?? I guess the government doesn’t care, FEMA, what a joke, that’s who does the hiring for WFHM.My tax money to bail out these clowns, that’s what burns me. WFHM and their employees should be cleaning toilets at the Stop n GO or at least be sued for human rights violation, fraud, theft and anything else that we can think of!! My dog could do a better job of running a company!

  123. 123 On March 17th, 2009, lin said:

    there is a class action suit against Wells, but it leaves out 50% of us. How do you start your own class action since the other one seems to be a race thing?

  124. 124 On March 17th, 2009, TheLandlord said:

    You need to convince a lawyer that there’s merit to the case and that there are enough people who were harmed by the defendant’s actions.

  125. 125 On March 19th, 2009, steve said:

    Lin, if you have the means, go independant and get your own lawyer and take them on. The Landlord is right, a class action suit gives the lawyers the lion’s share of the award and the class members the crumbs. Make the EVIL EMPIRE of Wells have to spread their overfed, overcompensated house lawyers all over the place. I wish you sweet victory, as my attorney has wounded the beast and we should be set to face off in court, and move in for the kill. I am horrified by the blatant violations of so many laws, etc., that I’ve read here. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage must be stopped.WFHM=Bernie Madoff-Stamford=CORPORATE CRIMINALS. We must convict!!

  126. 126 On April 2nd, 2009, Wells Fargo victim said:

    Yes, get a lawyer and fight these thieves. They foreclosed on our house and stated that we had not made payments when in fact we had and tried to trick us into signing a forebearance agreement to pay them $10,000 that we did not owe. We had a hearing scheduled tomorrow in front of a judge with the WF lawyer to show the judge our proof of payments. WF just postponed thehearing because they are “searching for documents to credit our payments.” Apparently they realize they have been caught in a lie. They tried to steal our house!!!!! How many people have been vitimized by these crooks?

  127. 127 On April 4th, 2009, steve said:

    I’ve just read an e-mail from another Hurricane Ike victim/ victim of the village of idiots at WFHM. It is now 6 months since the DISASTER, and these people have stll not received all of their insurance funds.If a mortgage is current, and people are suffering, what good reason does WFHM have to hold their insurance money? Where the hell do these people get off stealing people’s homes and collecting interest off the suffering of others? I turned the village idiots in to HUD and received a call from an FHA representative who was less than helpful.Let me tell you fellow bloggers, it doesn’t matter what political affiliation you are. From the conversation I had with FHA’s rep, it sounds like the Feds are willing to ignore what is happening to the rest of us. It sounds a lot like WFHM has the government in their pocket!

  128. 128 On April 9th, 2009, Nat said:

    I am wondering what states you are all having problems in? I am hoping to buy a house in Nebraska and was thinking about going thru Wells Fargo. I have asked a few people i know who have loans thru them about their experiances and they have all had good one.
    Now I am second guessing my choice.

  129. 129 On April 10th, 2009, Homestolen said:

    They just strung me along, 8x attempted modification, 8x denied, 18k in payments, yet none applied to my balance. Home sold to bank.

    1. Denied because they claim ” never recieved package”
    2. Denied because they claim ” surplus cannot cure deficiency”
    3. Denied because they claim ” did not get a hardship letter”
    4. Denied because they claim ” could not agree”
    5. Denied because they claim ” no proof of income”
    6. Denied because they claim ” could not get a hold of me”
    7. Denied because they claim ” modification package too old”
    8. Denied because they claim ” Income is -13000 per month”

    Each and everytime the balance grew, they found a reason to deny, “oh we have investor guidlines and 25 billion in Tarp money and now we own your house after 15 months of pretending we could help you”. Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation is like going to the hospital to get a band aid and walking out with 4 limbs amputated. Thanks for the help, never again.

  130. 130 On April 11th, 2009, Arnel Basabe said:

    I feel much better reading the posting here. I’m actually not alone dealing with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. We can all vent here but will Wells Fargo the company not the 10 dollars customer service they have will actually GET IT. I cant wait to move the loan to our Credit Union. I’m paying too much and the bulk of it is going to the interest not my principal. This sucks and Wells Fargo Sucks!!!

  131. 131 On April 12th, 2009, steve said:

    Nat-Don,t EVEN give a penny of your business to Wells! I’m from Nebraska originally, but now I’m here in Texas. You will have to deal with the fools in Des Moines Iowa. I would get financing from a loan shark before I would get it from WFHM. At least a loan shark may be able to read, and you will know you are getting ripped off up front, not by the illiterate kings of double speak. Good luck!!

  132. 132 On April 15th, 2009, M2CIOS said:

    WF Greed and fraud must be stopped!!

    WF just sent us a letter to tell us our homeowners insurance policy has been canceled. Odd, the insurer themselves haven’t told us this. Nonetheless, I went policy shopping, found a better price from another company, paid the premium myself for the year and sent a copy to WF showing the policy was in effect and paid up until 2010. About a week later, I get a bill from wF stating we owe them $1600 for the last year for “their policy” that they put on the house without our knowledge. I also received a check back from the new insurance company because at the same time WF is charging us for their own policy, they evidently also paid for our new policy which WE ALREADY PAID FOR! Since I have had some very bad experiences with this bank (including them holding over 5k of payments as “unapplied funds” on another property a few years ago – just so they could charge more interest on the loan when we went to refinance with another lender,

    I am loathe to spend hours on the phone with them again only to have my time wasted trying to explain logic to a WF employee without a brain, let alone correction of their own mistake. On top of all of this, we just received an escrow statement showing an approaching premium to be paid (coincidentally, the same amount as the original policy premium – but on a policy which I canceled upon signing with another insurer). We need to find a way to stop this deceitful and dishonorable bank from continuing to defraud the public. How it is that we were stupid enough to give them our tax money is beyond reason – they should have been allowed to fall into the proverbial toilet as far as I’m concerned. Any ideas or lawyers looking for a class-action suit out there to help us go after the greedy b—ards?

  133. 133 On April 18th, 2009, Suzanne said:

    I agree with the above negative responses….I have had and paid off several mortgages with WFHM over the past years, and was happy with until this point. I decided in Dec. to refi my current mortgage. I am STILL waiting to close on it And its April! Why? Because the AGENT handling it has made MANY mistakes on the paperwork including wrong address,wrong amount I paid for my home and I REFUSED to sign incorrect documents! He tried to covince me to just sign them…..NOT! Not to mention the calls I made to him that he didn’t return in order to correct the problems. Then when correct paperwork made it to my attorney’s office they had the closing date set BUT subordination papers had not yet made it. Which made the title work to be done later. We asked for an extension because they caused the problems and they added a fee for it! Also added into the fees was ONE YEAR homeowners insurance, and it had already been paid with MY MONEY thru October 09. And they wanted more money upfront for my property taxes. What the hell is this about, they already had a consent for auto payments and I had NEVER been late with payments. And there was an overage in my escrow and had everything on their part been done correctly an extension wouldn’t have been asked for. Well I decided to apply and was APPROVED for a loan with another company which included my 1st and 2nd mortgage AND HAVE A SAVINGS OF $400.00 PER MONTH!!!! SEE YA WELLS FARGO, I AM DISAPPOINTED AS WELL AS PISSED OFF AND WILL BE LETTING CORPORATE OFFICES KNOW. If this is the new way of doing business they will be the next to go down.

  134. 134 On April 30th, 2009, hilary said:

    My husband and I have been attempting to refi and original Wells Fargo mtg since 12/08 We have had the same problem> We have high credit scores, never pay late and have been ignored,no return calls and always given another reason why the refi is being held up. I have faxed, mailed, signed multiple times anything that they have requested. I never can reach anyone and now that the closing is 2 days away another ridiculous reason is given to me to hold up the process again. Not to mention that the people in the office involved with the refi are not friendly and a outright disrespectful during phone conversations. How can someone down on their luck get any kind of help or respect from this company when someone like myself is being treated like an indigent? Good luck to all involved with this corrupt company. I can tell you one thing. I will get my refi….I will contact the Better Business, newspapers, and will call the local news about this. If anyone has any other suggestions as to whom else I could contact let me know

  135. 135 On May 11th, 2009, Jeffrey DeAngelo said:

    Just a Note to those thinking of doing buisness with Wells Fargo.
    Do yourself a favor and use another Lender. Any other lender will do.

  136. 136 On May 11th, 2009, steve said:

    Here it is, May 2009. Almost eight months after Hurricane Ike and WFHM still holding on to insurance money that doesn’t belong to them. I got the rest of mine, now they are trying to weasel out of paying for additional damages, due to their stupidity. They owe me interest on money they held for 6 months, money that my insurance co. paid for me to fix my home. Now they want to give me 500 bucks to cover legal expenses. What a joke! I paid my lawyer almost 3k, and even she doesn’t believe what a bunch of dumbasses WFHM is. They did not even follow their own procedures correctly! I have 206 pages documenting their own incompetent mistakes-FROM WFHM themselves. I guess they think I’m too dumb to read it. TOO BAD SUCKERS- I’m going to nail your hides to the wall very soon. I won’t quit until the great TARP/Insurance for interest scam is exposed. You will not victimize homeowners by stealing insurance money to gain interest to pay off your tarp loan!!! WHEN WILL THE GOVERNMENT TAKE ACTION???? Don’t treat your customers like shit when all they are trying to do is get their homes and their lives back, some of us won’t take it lying down!

  137. 137 On May 12th, 2009, Wells Fargo victim said:

    Can anyone explain to me how these companies, WF especially, can get away with not paying out money they owe? If we are late with a payment to them, they tack on ridiculous late fees. I think that Steve and others like him, should be paid not only interest but “late charges.”

  138. 138 On May 15th, 2009, Bewildered said:

    I definitely get the feeling from these posts that I will get no help from WF in regards to Loan Modification.
    I have started this process at the end of 12/08, then
    I faxed documents to a number in S. Carolina in March, 09.
    (I’m in CA) I am still getting the run around about how it’s with a negotiator now and it will take 30-90 days.
    Some CS are so positive when you call. Oh, you should be hearing something in a week in a half but just keep calling, NOT!
    I’m ready to walk! Anyone else getting the same BS from this wonderful bank, WF!!!!

  139. 139 On May 17th, 2009, LOL said:

    Part 1: get 1st notice in 2/09 that my hazard insurance hasn’t renewed since 2/08 because WF hasn’t paid the bill from my escrow account.
    Part 2: gee, I just found out I had not insurance for a year because my lender didn’t pay the bill!!
    Part 3: paid for a new policy myself upon getting their letter
    Part 4: WF puts their own policy on 3 weeks after I paid for the year claiming that since I didn’t have insurance for the last year, their going to charge me for it @ 4x the cost of my own policy.
    Part 5: They put this cost on my loan balance and have raised my monthly payment to cover it.
    Part 6: Lawsuit time :)

  140. 140 On May 19th, 2009, steve said:

    I just spoke with my attorney who says that WFHM doesn’t even want to pay their own lawyer to fight with me. Maybe, even he realized that the company he represents is a bunch of theiving criminals. Right on Wells Fargo VICTIM and LOL! Everytime we are 2 seconds late, here comes a dogpile of BS charges!To add insult to injury, we the consumer are forced to pay these incompetants for their own screwups. This is unreal, the government turns a blind eye and allows these abuses to go on and on…. Where’s my money, WFHM you were way late with helping me fix my house- why don’t I get a ridiculous pile of interest? I can’t wait to put my foot sideways up your *sses in court. Hurricane season is around the corner in the Gulf Coast and I’m already saving my money to keep my lawyer retained for the next possible WFHM Insurance Scam to pay their TARP in 2009. I’ve turned these theives over to HUD-FHA-FTC, no help. So when my house gets nailed again this season, like FEMA(another joke) I’m alone out here. This time, I’m ready to do this my way. You won’t get my insurance money, you won’t get to inspect my house, you will be met with litigation, and an ARMY of WFHM homeowners who will march on your offices and make sure you don’t screw us again!! Everyone I come into contact with I make sure they don’t even think of WFHM to buy a house. I tell them that they would be better off wasting money on rent than being screwed by WFHM. As soon as I can, I’m going somewhere else and get a mortgage. Hmm.. There has to be someplace that has honest, intelligent employees-that actually offers CUSTOMER SERVICE. I hope when WFHM is finally shut down, all of the employees that didn’t give a damn end up cleaning toilets on the 11pm to 7am shift!

  141. 141 On May 22nd, 2009, Mr. Jones said:

    Just my 2 cents: I’ve been looking for work for several months now and have not been able to make my payments. I have every intention of making my payments once I get work. So now I am dealing with WF collections and they are being very rude to me. Telling me I’m living in the house for free, etc. (How is it free when I put down over 20% on the house?) They suggested I get a job at McDonald’s. Give me a break, by the time I made enough at McDonald’s to pay my payment, they would already be foreclosing on the house. You would think they wouldn’t be so dumb as to be rude to me on the phone. Why would you want to piss someone off that has access to “their” house? Should they really be throwing gas on my financial woes by being rude? I wonder how they would like to try and resell a house that has the cabinet doors missing and thousands of dollars of smashed tile to replace? Not that I would do that, but they do seem so stupid to take such a risk. Just treat me with some respect and I’ll do my best to get caught up with the payments. I had excellent credit prior to this economic downturn, so give me a break and work with me. After all, they have a hand in this mess as well.
    – TJ

  142. 142 On May 28th, 2009, Wells Fargo victim said:

    So many people say that the mortgage companies “do not want your house.” I have come to believe that they do because tney make so much money off foreclosure fees and it is so easy for them to foreclose they don’t want to be bothered making any arrangements to help the homeowner. All they care about is making a quick buck and the WF is the worst.

    When I lost my job they foreclosed IN A MONTH because they did not credit payments I had made earlier in the year. At the hearing the judge didn’t even look at the proof I had about making payments and he just took WF word that they had the original note. The WF lawyer wasn’t EVEN THERE. He was on a conference call. The judge let them go ahead with foreclosure and dumped us into mediation.

    As for the people who work for WF, they are underpaid and undertrained and they don’t give a %)%%$ about anything but getting you off the phone. I refused to call them anymore because they were so rude and they say one thing and then change it when you call again. Tell them to communicate with you in writing.

  143. 143 On May 30th, 2009, steve said:

    I just read the last two posts and it makes my blood boil. WF Victim, you are right-the employees (as I’ve said before) can’t find their a**es with a flashlight. They need to work with the homeowner, instead of adding on fees and bs charges. If you were unable to pay the original total, gee I guess you should be able to pay 8000 more. What a bunch of brainiacs.Let’s steal a house from someone who wants it and let it sit empty on the market forever and the banks still won’t loan anyone money to buy it. Yes, let’s p*ss on a customer because he lost his job. The mess the economy is in is due to the STUPIDITY of financial institutions LIKE WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE. Mr. Jones, I wouldn’t blame you if you happened to “accidentally” break thousands of dollars of tile in your house. It might make up for the dim witted employees at WFHM “accidentally” not keeping track of your personal documents, not posting your payments, not having any business sense or compassion. We are all dealing with a company that is “solid” economically. Solid, from stealing homes, stealing money from customers, and generally profitting from the suffering and pain of many. HELLO-OBAMA OR ANY OF YOU OTHER GOVERNMENT LIARS_ARE YOU GOING TO HELP OUT- OR ARE YOU GUILTY like WFHM?????

  144. 144 On June 4th, 2009, steve said:

    Doesn’t anyone ever wonder why WFHM continues to get away with their crimes against you? Wonder why they evade government fallout from the illegal activities in their lending practices? Why their bank and another bank haven’t failed as badly as others? Your answer is here and as simple as this: Our mortgage company is ONE of a few members of the cartel known as “The Federal Reserve”. It is the job of the Federal Reserve to provide the Government money during troubled financial times, with a price of course. I.E. your “missing” paperwork=leads to late charges and fees=more money out of your pocket. They don’t want to modify your loans, they want to steal all of your money and leave you homeless=payment/interest for the “Federal Reserve”. We don’t own anything, we are slaves to these ruthless creditors.Urge any of your elected officials to use their power to shut down the “Federal Reserve” aka Wells Fargo and their cronies, then let’s see how much power they have over us!

  145. 145 On June 10th, 2009, Jacqueline said:

    My long-term boyfriend and I applied for a home mortgage through Wells Fargo last Friday. We were instructed that we would hear back from a loan officer within one to three business days. When we hadn’t heard back from them by 2:45 this afternoon, I decided to give the officer a call. He apparently hadn’t even looked at our application, though this was the “third business day.” He proceeded to have me sit with him on the phone during my entire lunch break while he calculated our credit scores and basically treated me like a moron. He then had several questions I couldn’t answer regarding my better half. He instructed me to have my boyfriend phone him. I had my boyfriend phone him immediately. The loan officer answered the phone and had no idea what my boyfriend was talking about…finally said “oh, that” and asked if he could call my boyfriend back. Half an hour later, when the officer still hadn’t called back, I told my boyfriend to call him again..magically his voicemail instantly picked up. I may be a poor college graduate starting law school next fall, but I tell you what, if and when my boyfriend, who’s studying for his doctorate in mechanical engineering, start rolling in the dough, you can bet for certain we will NOT be doing our business with Wells Fargo.

  146. 146 On June 10th, 2009, Jacqueline said:

    Oh, for the person with the question about individual’s personal experiences in particular states…I’m in South Dakota, but this particular Wells Fargo was in Ames, Iowa, we’re purchasing in Iowa City.

  147. 147 On June 19th, 2009, steve said:

    Here we are folks-in June of 09. Almost a year has gone by since I started my odyessey of idiocy dealing with WFHM. I was promised a settlement offer on my legal fees, paperwork stating that I would not have any further problems with insurance and escrow issues and nothing. I guess these people think I’ll just bury my head in the sand and forget. SORRY you *ssholes I will never forget!WFHM -you’re gonna find out pretty soon what happens when you don’t compensate those you injured. Time is running out, and you can’t ignore PROOF of your NEGLIGENCE and theivery. I read a comment on another site where supposedly John Stumph (Jackass Satan) stated “you’re right, we don’t care” when refering to the incredibly slow and inept actions regarding insurance disbursements through his company. I hope that 15% interest that WFHM made off of our suffering was worth it John, because some of us might know unsavory characters in the prison you will soon be in! That’s right Stumph , I’m calling you out and I’m not scared of you and the feds like everyone else! I will spend every free moment and every dollar I can get to see you lose everything and watch you and your band of criminals at WFHM suffer, EVEN IF IT KILLS ME.

  148. 148 On June 25th, 2009, Vinny said:

    I’ve been trying to buy a home since fall of 2008. It’s been a long and excrutiating venture. Well around the time of mid May 09 my wife and I had found a house we wanted. After being screwed out of the last house we were trying to buy because the listing agent couldn’t get off her fat ass, I swore to my wife this was the last straw. Well everything seemed to be moving along pretty smooth. We talked the asking price down from $200k to $170k and submitted the paperwork. Well the paperwork went up to the listing agent (who is different from the last) and she submitted it to the bank because it’s a short sale. Well the bank (being WFHM) gave us 23 days to push this through. Here I’m thinking that’s a really good time considering the cirumstances the housing markets in. Well here it is over one month later and the listing agent has no idea what’s going on at the bank. She even told my realtor that the only way WFHM contacts her is either through email or text message. I’m like “TEXT MESSAGE?!” WTF!! What are there a bunch of little 14y/o girls workin there sending text messages all day? And on top of that being that my wife works for the town she’s eligible to receive money for a home as long as it’s bought within the town. Well the program sorta went away and we have a deadline until the end of the month to have an acceptance otherwise the money’s gone. Thank God Wells Fargo is doing such a great job. (extreme sarcasm if you couldn’t feel it). Well wish me luck on this home everyone. Even if I have to take time off of work to go up to the main branch and take them by there hand to get my paperwork submitted.

  149. 149 On June 29th, 2009, steve said:

    Guess what Vinny? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’d be really surprised if you even got that home. Fast and competant service from WFHM? NEVER!!!! Maybe if they wanted to gather up John, Dick and the rest of the village idiots to Vegas to suck each others, oh well I’m bitter. PLEASE get your home loan thru anyone else but WFHM/Wachovia/ASC/PredatORIX. Please save yourself from the endless agony and litany of dealing with people whose only goal is to screw you out of your money, home and ultimately your happiness. They must be reading this blog because they want me to sign a settlement agreement saying that I won’t post on any blogs about my experience with them. FAT CHANCE! 1st Amendment you dumbasses! Thank you to the Landlord for helping us expose the corruption. I all ready saw Stamford in his prison jumpsuit and shackles, and I’m ready to throw a party-alas Stumpf and Kavasovich your time is coming!

  150. 150 On July 8th, 2009, Rikki said:

    Well, Wells Fargo is dealing with a lot of foreclosures and everything gets transferred. Unfortunately I am one of them. I am under a short sale and over a year delinquent. My fiance of 9 yrs left. Younger woman there. long story. I was left the burden of two mortgages in my name as we refinanced for our wedding and he did not get approved I put it all in my name. but he split and married a much younger girl. 13 yrs younger. OK well..I survived for 1 yr in 2007 and in 2008 I went to NY to work and traveled back and forth. In Late December 2008 property preservation stepped in and changed the locks and drained my pool. I had to shut off my utilities as I would not be back till March. Oh the sorrow! I found out Wells Fargo Ordered property preservation to do this as one of their People inspected my house and declared it abandoned of all things! WTF? I just went down in June to fix the damage as my pool turned into a swamp and much more, yet another tale..So I pumped out fish, frogs, Blah Blah…It was horror and I have pictures. Oh my wallet and by back are still recovering. All because of WELLS FARGO. They have been nice to me always…But they need to be…I am weighing the pros and cons of starting a major lawsuit if I can find a lawyer to take the case but, hey, No lawyer wants to get involved. So, I just want the word spread and my voice to be heard. Did everybody forget the declaration of independence? Freedom of speech my friend! Freedom of Speech! and much more! They can never take whats in there away from American rights! I will stand my ground as long as the ground belongs to me.And it does!

  151. 151 On July 10th, 2009, Connie Hall said:

    I became ill and my ex covered my bills till i could get back to work. They told us to make three larger-than-our payment payments then they would do a loan modification plan. After making our payments they denied the plan saying we could not make our payments. They sent us a letter with these options: Pre-foreclosure requiring the sale of our home or Deed in lieu of foreclosure. I choose neither. What a scam to get peoples money then not follow through on there end.

  152. 152 On July 11th, 2009, J Rico said:

    We can keep talking about it or we can band together hire a team of lawyers and take these sons of bitches to court

    Email me jsricardo1983@aol.com , lets band together and put an end to Wells Fargo bad business practices

    Key word search on Google

    Wells Fargo Sucks = 94,700 hits

    Chase Bank sucks = 55,000 hits

    Citibank Sucks = 84,000 hits

  153. 153 On July 11th, 2009, J Rico said:

    I was pre approved for a 130,000 plus loan at the end of 2008. I found a home in february of 2009 for $ 60,000. Both my parents had cosigned for me to try and make the transaction go through more smoothly, my father who is retired makes over 2000 per month just to sit at home if he wanted not to mention that he owns a small land scape business making 1,000 to 2,000 per month, more in the summer, My mother is second in charge of financial aid at one of the biggest community colleges in America making well over 50,000 per year, not to mention I have $ 20,000 in the bank to back the loan up plus a job with the county part time. Wells Fargo took my mother off the loan because she could not relocate to New England and leave her job, my fathers pension is out of Mass. so that shouldn’t be a problem or so we thought. I was told by Wells Fargo that if I relocated to New England found a job etc… that I could obtain the loan with 5 percent or so down. So i relocated etc… did what they told me, closing date was set for May 15th didnt go through because the I hadnt purchased insurance, so i went out and bought insurance for an entire year, new closing date was set and fell through. Then they delayed the next closing because no inpection was done, yet no utilities were on in the property so no inspections could be done, well I did the inspection anyway and not even an hour after I recieve an email that the inspection has been waived. Next step was they had to take my father off the loan because our combined debt ratio was 55 percent and it had to be less than 50 percent, so they did the new loan with just me on it my debt ration was 35 percent. The when the loan went into finalization they decided to only give me credit for 2 incomes in a four family because they werent sure if was going to relocate to New England, (Let me clear that one up, because they werent sure that i was going to be owner occupying the home, they were only giving me credit for 2 incomes instead of 3, this is Wells Fargo math at its finest, a neanderthal could figure this one out, If im not occupying a four family then that would mean add a floor of income not subtract) Next was that I hadnt been with the company long enough and they werent sure if the job was going to be permanent, like any job today is) they also found that I had excessive obligations related to my income? Could that be my $ 85 dollars per month for car insurace, my $ 10 per month phone bill (im on the family plan) or my excessive student loans adding up to the extrodinary amount of almost $ 3,000 yes three thousand in student debt.

    It has been about 5 months now and there asking me to put down 25 percent, i found this a bit odd so i called other banks and they told me that no banks give owner occupied loans for multi families they all go in as investments… so i feel I was bamboozled mislead besides the fact that I had to leave my wife and child not even 2 years old behind to try and satisfy the bank. besides being mislead this has taken an emotional and psychological toll on myself and my family.

    Email me jsricardo1983@aol.com

  154. 154 On July 15th, 2009, Linda said:

    Dear jsricardo, wells fargo pulling same kind of crap with me as well, are you still interested in attorney, or did you find out anything else about how they conduct their costomer service practices. Meaning have they corrected the way they treat their customers? I think as you do, contact a lawer file a class action lawsuit if it can be done, also send these 40 pages to the better buisness bureu, and to the States legislatures offices? Oh please email me back with some kind of good news. Waiting, and thank you for you’re stand up true grit.

  155. 155 On July 15th, 2009, steve said:

    Hey people- Your favorite ranter is back! But let me give the pros and cons of suing WFHM-aka “federal reserve member”. You WILL win in front of a jury of your peers. Then, WFHM will appeal, more money out of your pocket, possible 10 years in litigation.Then you are still stuck w/them. I was able to settle with them out of court(not allowed to talk about the amount).The sad truth is-WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS COMPANY! A lot of us are unable to do that, not criticism-reality. The only way we can stop them from doing these corrupt activities is to talk about it-TO EVERYONE! On the streets, in our workplace, to anyone that you hear considering a loan with them, put on the brakes. Our government cares nothing about what is happening to us because they’re in deep with WFHM and the US Dept of Education gives them cushy grants. The only way to get out is to try our hardest to deal with local/ state banks and refuse to sign with WFHM. My business deals with another one of the “Federal Reserve Cartel” and we are pulling our money outta there asap. If they are not going to help us, we are going with someone local who will. Myself, I am going to sell my home and run as far away from them as possible. If I find out my new loan is being considered by them-I’m pulling out- Yes F*CK YOU Wells Fargo-F*ck YOU John Stumf_DICK Kovacevich and the lot of you. YOUR company has made an enemy for life and for the rest of mine, I’m going to campaign against you until your evil empire crumbles. If you’re home and the “preservation team” decides to come by and break into your home, why not defend your home against “burglars” and “thieves”. If you’re not up to that, a call to the police might run them off. Maybe your dogs may get loose and bite someone. WAKE UP PEOPLE- WFHM doesn’t play by the rules or even federal laws, why should we? Defend your homes and your bank accounts from criminals- BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

  156. 156 On July 16th, 2009, Wells Fargo doesn't care if we eat tonight said:

    Hi, First let me start off by saying it is much harder to be mean or chide people when you do business in person. Imagine the horror the idiot on the phone would have if he had to come to your house and tell you in person: you don’t qualify for anything because you are a single mother who has no income and your husband bailed shortly thereafter. Great job, great money. That’s easy, What’s hard is trying to help a three year old heal the booboo in his heart and having to find either a new loan company at a higher rate because of events the FHA actually say qualify for all of these programs or moving in to an apartment more expensive than the mortgage.

    I couldn’t find it but let me know how the woman got her mother removed from her loan due to a restriction. My husband hasn’t lived there in years so I’d love to hear anything about how people have successfully removed someone without a refin. Crap! Let me at least miss some payments before saying NO!!! GET A JOB! F U W F. It’s simple. Just take his name off. Hell, if I can’t pay then why can’t I have more time to make late payments and squat in my own home before yo send my child out in the cruel world of apartment rent. No child should have to do that. I’m starting my own program that guarantees a family residential dwelling for every child paid for by WF after I sue their asses for something and expose them. WELLS FARGO HATES SINGLE MOMS. Don’t mess with my kids, we’ve been through enough.

  157. 157 On July 16th, 2009, steve said:

    To Single Mom, Been there w/them regarding moving my ex’s name off the mortgage. Turned down on refi even with a co borrower with an 800 FICO score…Go figure. It’s just a shame the morons are even in business. The deeper I dig, the more bodies I find buried. The company is covered in dirt. Stay tuned as my wife and I are planning a webcast show in the near future-if the mainstream media isn’t interested in us “real people” who are honest and hardworking, then we’ll do it ourselves and give everyone that has been stomped on a chance for their say. Guess who our first expose on corrupt business is going to be?

  158. 158 On August 5th, 2009, chris said:

    I agree 100 hundred percent wells fargo sucks. Even after they got our home they were still calling us.
    They had a choice 1 year in our home and we owe them, or six months and we owe them nothing. They chose the six months and they still call. They said before the foreclosure contact them and they would stop it. We contacted them and they still went forward with the foreclosure. They don’t want to work with nobody. Even the day in court there own lawyer did not know about the stop foreclosure letter they sent us. All you get from them is the income earning papers to fill out. You fill them out and they just send another set to fill out a week later. you never hear from them until 2 weeks later and they just ask the same question again what can you pay. They are idiots. Four days before the sherrifs auction on my home i got a call from one of there reps telling me that since January there was a note attached to my file they were suppose to work with us. fine time to let me know this you morons. Couple of months earlier and i could have saved my home. How safe is your personal information with Wells Fargo. Not to safe. Someone who knew we were in forclosure knew someone who worked there and went to them to find out how much we owed. This employee of theres tried to find out by looking it up, but they didn’t have access to this. Thank god because what other personal information could they have obtained. So i don’t think your personal information is safe with them at all. And no were in my loan papers or the court papers for forclosure does it say they can enter onto my property. But they did walking around taking pictures. I told the judge about this and he just shrugged it off. When does it become trespassing or haressment. I guess never when u have a lot of money to hire lawyers. And the last idiot to take pictures sat out on the road and yelled out the car window what he was there for. It was a nice sunny day neighbors out and windows opened so they all heard. Thanks Wells Fargo you a**holes. Just one last questions for them all. How was your year. I didn’t get a bailout like you did. Did you have a good Christmas? You know what my kids got NOTHING. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to not pay my bills, i lost my job to the economy. I am now going to be homeless with no where to go. Do you like splitting up family’s. Do my kids not deserve there father. Does a 20 old month little girl not deserve her grandfather.

  159. 159 On August 14th, 2009, Brett said:

    Just my 2 cents. We have had nothing but success with Wells Fargo since they bought our loan from Washington Mutual 2 years ago. To further show our happiness with them, we have recently put all of our money in Wells Fargo, as our current bank is possibly the worst bank after Bank of America that I have ever dealt with. Chase is the real worst bank ever.

    I do not look forward to having a bad experience with WF, but I also might point out that they probably are successful in their business because the people posting on this site may be exceptions, rather than the rule.

    Another important point I would like to make is that almost all banks and other extremely large companies that I have dealt with tend to have a great deal of confusion amongst their various departments and have so many employees, you are bound to have problems. Collections department employees are generally not lovey-dovey types – their job sucks, too! B of A sucks! Chase really sucks! Citi sucks! I am sure to some degree and at times, WF will suck as well.

    Lastly, Wa Mu was a fantastic bank, which I have been working with since 1995, when they were Bank United in Houston. If I go visit an old Wa Mu that is now Chase, there seems to be a whole different feel than when I have to go to a Chase. The bigger they get, the worse every element of their business gets, usually.

    I think almost every large company could have a complaint blog because some people always get screwed. Am I wrong? Name me a large company that can not get 200 people to say they hate the company? (Not a tiny, local bank, or your favorite local restaurant, either.)

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