9th March 2007

Why Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sucks

One of our properties is mortgaged with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Now, I should mention that there is nothing special about this loan. It’s not an ARM or a second mortgage or even sub-prime, it’s just an investment property.

From day one, every time I have had occasion to call into their customer support department, I am treated like a total degenerate. For some reason, Wells Fargo must consider my loan “less than desirable” and I have no idea why. It’s a normal 30-year fixed totally run-of-the-mill loan.

When I first call in, their phone system front-end asks for the loan number which is normal. What is abnormal is that I automatically get routed to the collections department. Bear in mind that I have NEVER made a late payment in the two years I have had this loan. Next, I am greeted with the disclaimer from the rep that “this is an attempt to collect on a debt and any information gleaned from this call will be used for that purpose” or words to that effect, which automatically raises my hackles.

When I inquire as to why I am speaking with the collections department, they don’t seem to know but continue with the following line of questioning:

They want to know why my payment is running late this month. Now, keep in mind, like most mortgages, the payment is due on the first of the month and considered late on the 16th. I mail my payment on the 9th so that it gets where it’s going at most by the 14th. So basically, IT’S NOT LATE.

Then they ask me where I get the money to pay this loan. (WTF?) They want to know if it’s income from a job or investments or taxes. (again WTF!?) What does that have to do with anything? Their ONLY concern should be is that the payment is made and and made on-time. Which it ALWAYS is.

This is something like the 3rd “run in” I’ve had with these people and Wells Fargo persists with this policy. And, of course, when I get a little heated with the rep and make them look up my payment history to show them that I have never so much as paid late, they go into “collections rep” mode and basically stop listening. They can’t even defend their own company’s idiotic policy of hassling their customers.

WTF Wells Fargo? Do you treat all your mortgage customers like this, or is it just me?

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  1. 1 On July 10th, 2009, Connie Hall said:

    I became ill and my ex covered my bills till i could get back to work. They told us to make three larger-than-our payment payments then they would do a loan modification plan. After making our payments they denied the plan saying we could not make our payments. They sent us a letter with these options: Pre-foreclosure requiring the sale of our home or Deed in lieu of foreclosure. I choose neither. What a scam to get peoples money then not follow through on there end.

  2. 2 On July 11th, 2009, J Rico said:

    We can keep talking about it or we can band together hire a team of lawyers and take these sons of bitches to court

    Email me jsricardo1983@aol.com , lets band together and put an end to Wells Fargo bad business practices

    Key word search on Google

    Wells Fargo Sucks = 94,700 hits

    Chase Bank sucks = 55,000 hits

    Citibank Sucks = 84,000 hits

  3. 3 On July 11th, 2009, J Rico said:

    I was pre approved for a 130,000 plus loan at the end of 2008. I found a home in february of 2009 for $ 60,000. Both my parents had cosigned for me to try and make the transaction go through more smoothly, my father who is retired makes over 2000 per month just to sit at home if he wanted not to mention that he owns a small land scape business making 1,000 to 2,000 per month, more in the summer, My mother is second in charge of financial aid at one of the biggest community colleges in America making well over 50,000 per year, not to mention I have $ 20,000 in the bank to back the loan up plus a job with the county part time. Wells Fargo took my mother off the loan because she could not relocate to New England and leave her job, my fathers pension is out of Mass. so that shouldn’t be a problem or so we thought. I was told by Wells Fargo that if I relocated to New England found a job etc… that I could obtain the loan with 5 percent or so down. So i relocated etc… did what they told me, closing date was set for May 15th didnt go through because the I hadnt purchased insurance, so i went out and bought insurance for an entire year, new closing date was set and fell through. Then they delayed the next closing because no inpection was done, yet no utilities were on in the property so no inspections could be done, well I did the inspection anyway and not even an hour after I recieve an email that the inspection has been waived. Next step was they had to take my father off the loan because our combined debt ratio was 55 percent and it had to be less than 50 percent, so they did the new loan with just me on it my debt ration was 35 percent. The when the loan went into finalization they decided to only give me credit for 2 incomes in a four family because they werent sure if was going to relocate to New England, (Let me clear that one up, because they werent sure that i was going to be owner occupying the home, they were only giving me credit for 2 incomes instead of 3, this is Wells Fargo math at its finest, a neanderthal could figure this one out, If im not occupying a four family then that would mean add a floor of income not subtract) Next was that I hadnt been with the company long enough and they werent sure if the job was going to be permanent, like any job today is) they also found that I had excessive obligations related to my income? Could that be my $ 85 dollars per month for car insurace, my $ 10 per month phone bill (im on the family plan) or my excessive student loans adding up to the extrodinary amount of almost $ 3,000 yes three thousand in student debt.

    It has been about 5 months now and there asking me to put down 25 percent, i found this a bit odd so i called other banks and they told me that no banks give owner occupied loans for multi families they all go in as investments… so i feel I was bamboozled mislead besides the fact that I had to leave my wife and child not even 2 years old behind to try and satisfy the bank. besides being mislead this has taken an emotional and psychological toll on myself and my family.

    Email me jsricardo1983@aol.com

  4. 4 On July 15th, 2009, Linda said:

    Dear jsricardo, wells fargo pulling same kind of crap with me as well, are you still interested in attorney, or did you find out anything else about how they conduct their costomer service practices. Meaning have they corrected the way they treat their customers? I think as you do, contact a lawer file a class action lawsuit if it can be done, also send these 40 pages to the better buisness bureu, and to the States legislatures offices? Oh please email me back with some kind of good news. Waiting, and thank you for you’re stand up true grit.

  5. 5 On July 15th, 2009, steve said:

    Hey people- Your favorite ranter is back! But let me give the pros and cons of suing WFHM-aka “federal reserve member”. You WILL win in front of a jury of your peers. Then, WFHM will appeal, more money out of your pocket, possible 10 years in litigation.Then you are still stuck w/them. I was able to settle with them out of court(not allowed to talk about the amount).The sad truth is-WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS COMPANY! A lot of us are unable to do that, not criticism-reality. The only way we can stop them from doing these corrupt activities is to talk about it-TO EVERYONE! On the streets, in our workplace, to anyone that you hear considering a loan with them, put on the brakes. Our government cares nothing about what is happening to us because they’re in deep with WFHM and the US Dept of Education gives them cushy grants. The only way to get out is to try our hardest to deal with local/ state banks and refuse to sign with WFHM. My business deals with another one of the “Federal Reserve Cartel” and we are pulling our money outta there asap. If they are not going to help us, we are going with someone local who will. Myself, I am going to sell my home and run as far away from them as possible. If I find out my new loan is being considered by them-I’m pulling out- Yes F*CK YOU Wells Fargo-F*ck YOU John Stumf_DICK Kovacevich and the lot of you. YOUR company has made an enemy for life and for the rest of mine, I’m going to campaign against you until your evil empire crumbles. If you’re home and the “preservation team” decides to come by and break into your home, why not defend your home against “burglars” and “thieves”. If you’re not up to that, a call to the police might run them off. Maybe your dogs may get loose and bite someone. WAKE UP PEOPLE- WFHM doesn’t play by the rules or even federal laws, why should we? Defend your homes and your bank accounts from criminals- BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

  6. 6 On July 16th, 2009, Wells Fargo doesn't care if we eat tonight said:

    Hi, First let me start off by saying it is much harder to be mean or chide people when you do business in person. Imagine the horror the idiot on the phone would have if he had to come to your house and tell you in person: you don’t qualify for anything because you are a single mother who has no income and your husband bailed shortly thereafter. Great job, great money. That’s easy, What’s hard is trying to help a three year old heal the booboo in his heart and having to find either a new loan company at a higher rate because of events the FHA actually say qualify for all of these programs or moving in to an apartment more expensive than the mortgage.

    I couldn’t find it but let me know how the woman got her mother removed from her loan due to a restriction. My husband hasn’t lived there in years so I’d love to hear anything about how people have successfully removed someone without a refin. Crap! Let me at least miss some payments before saying NO!!! GET A JOB! F U W F. It’s simple. Just take his name off. Hell, if I can’t pay then why can’t I have more time to make late payments and squat in my own home before yo send my child out in the cruel world of apartment rent. No child should have to do that. I’m starting my own program that guarantees a family residential dwelling for every child paid for by WF after I sue their asses for something and expose them. WELLS FARGO HATES SINGLE MOMS. Don’t mess with my kids, we’ve been through enough.

  7. 7 On July 16th, 2009, steve said:

    To Single Mom, Been there w/them regarding moving my ex’s name off the mortgage. Turned down on refi even with a co borrower with an 800 FICO score…Go figure. It’s just a shame the morons are even in business. The deeper I dig, the more bodies I find buried. The company is covered in dirt. Stay tuned as my wife and I are planning a webcast show in the near future-if the mainstream media isn’t interested in us “real people” who are honest and hardworking, then we’ll do it ourselves and give everyone that has been stomped on a chance for their say. Guess who our first expose on corrupt business is going to be?

  8. 8 On August 5th, 2009, chris said:

    I agree 100 hundred percent wells fargo sucks. Even after they got our home they were still calling us.
    They had a choice 1 year in our home and we owe them, or six months and we owe them nothing. They chose the six months and they still call. They said before the foreclosure contact them and they would stop it. We contacted them and they still went forward with the foreclosure. They don’t want to work with nobody. Even the day in court there own lawyer did not know about the stop foreclosure letter they sent us. All you get from them is the income earning papers to fill out. You fill them out and they just send another set to fill out a week later. you never hear from them until 2 weeks later and they just ask the same question again what can you pay. They are idiots. Four days before the sherrifs auction on my home i got a call from one of there reps telling me that since January there was a note attached to my file they were suppose to work with us. fine time to let me know this you morons. Couple of months earlier and i could have saved my home. How safe is your personal information with Wells Fargo. Not to safe. Someone who knew we were in forclosure knew someone who worked there and went to them to find out how much we owed. This employee of theres tried to find out by looking it up, but they didn’t have access to this. Thank god because what other personal information could they have obtained. So i don’t think your personal information is safe with them at all. And no were in my loan papers or the court papers for forclosure does it say they can enter onto my property. But they did walking around taking pictures. I told the judge about this and he just shrugged it off. When does it become trespassing or haressment. I guess never when u have a lot of money to hire lawyers. And the last idiot to take pictures sat out on the road and yelled out the car window what he was there for. It was a nice sunny day neighbors out and windows opened so they all heard. Thanks Wells Fargo you a**holes. Just one last questions for them all. How was your year. I didn’t get a bailout like you did. Did you have a good Christmas? You know what my kids got NOTHING. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to not pay my bills, i lost my job to the economy. I am now going to be homeless with no where to go. Do you like splitting up family’s. Do my kids not deserve there father. Does a 20 old month little girl not deserve her grandfather.

  9. 9 On August 14th, 2009, Brett said:

    Just my 2 cents. We have had nothing but success with Wells Fargo since they bought our loan from Washington Mutual 2 years ago. To further show our happiness with them, we have recently put all of our money in Wells Fargo, as our current bank is possibly the worst bank after Bank of America that I have ever dealt with. Chase is the real worst bank ever.

    I do not look forward to having a bad experience with WF, but I also might point out that they probably are successful in their business because the people posting on this site may be exceptions, rather than the rule.

    Another important point I would like to make is that almost all banks and other extremely large companies that I have dealt with tend to have a great deal of confusion amongst their various departments and have so many employees, you are bound to have problems. Collections department employees are generally not lovey-dovey types – their job sucks, too! B of A sucks! Chase really sucks! Citi sucks! I am sure to some degree and at times, WF will suck as well.

    Lastly, Wa Mu was a fantastic bank, which I have been working with since 1995, when they were Bank United in Houston. If I go visit an old Wa Mu that is now Chase, there seems to be a whole different feel than when I have to go to a Chase. The bigger they get, the worse every element of their business gets, usually.

    I think almost every large company could have a complaint blog because some people always get screwed. Am I wrong? Name me a large company that can not get 200 people to say they hate the company? (Not a tiny, local bank, or your favorite local restaurant, either.)

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